Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Wreck That is the Crazy Woman -- and Her Secessionist Followers

--- by Howie Klein

Alaska has a small state legislature, the smallest bicameral legislature in the U.S., in fact-- 40 House members and 20 Senate members. The Republicans have a majority in the House and the Senate is evenly split. But just as the state's ex-governor was getting ready for another hilarious and raucous episode of Palin Livin', the bicameral legislature did a very bipartisan thing: they overrode Palin's veto of $28 million in federal stimulus money for energy cost relief. To over turn a veto in Alaska, you need 75% of the two chambers, almost an impossibility, especially when the governor's own party has a majority. But they did it, 45-14.

Supporters argued Palin badly overstated the "strings" attached to taking the money, and that frigid Alaska could use the assistance.

"Instead of being the last state in the union to take this money we should have been the first," said Bethel Democratic Sen. Lyman Hoffman. "We live in the coldest state in the union and we should be setting the standard in efficiencies and how energy is being used throughout this state."

Anti-U.S. radicals and secessionists, basically the last of Palin's political support, came flooding in from Wasilla and the rest of the meth belt to demand her veto stand "with signs like 'Fed $ = Tyranny' and 'Override = You're fired.' Others urging legislators to override the veto mixed in with their own signs like 'Efficiency Makes Cents.' There was arguing between the two camps and legislators had to walk a gantlet through the protesters to get into the Egan Center, where the special session was being held.

Palin's political exile-- headquartered on her Facebook page-- bleated out a message yesterday warning of the dire consequences of... Alaska being part of the United States of America.

"As governor, I did my utmost to warn our legislators that accepting stimulus funds will further tie Alaska to the federal government and chip away at Alaska's right to chart its own course. Enforcing the federal building code requirements, which Governor Parnell and future governors will be forced to adopt in order to accept these energy funds, will eventually cost the state more than it receives. There are clear ropes attached."

Now that that's done, Palin can get back to lying about President Obama and fomenting trouble among the lunatic fringe that takes her seriously with talk about death panels (not the real ones that do exist, the made up ones she dreams about) and euthanasia and competing with Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and Michael Savage for who can do the most damage to America.

Roger Simon skewers what he calls the GOP's "rabid" responders -- i.e. Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck. On Palin's death panel claim, Simon writes, "In olden times, Palin might have made this claim at a speech or during a news conference where reporters might have asked questions like: 'What proof do you have?' or 'Aren’t you just trying to scare people?' But Palin does not risk that. She takes no questions. She has done her duty as a rabid responder. She has rung the tocsin, sounded the alarm, lit the signal fire. Truth? Accuracy? Responsibility? Not her territory… Glenn Beck is a rabid responder on race… Rush Limbaugh is a rabid responder on Nazis and swastikas. He knows a lot about swastikas. He sees them everywhere."

This could all end very tragically for this country. It's almost as though we're on the verge of another Ft Sumter. As Jeff Cook pointed out at The Gawker today, there are plenty of reasons to be very worried. "There are always people who want to kill the president. Generally speaking, they are politically marginalized, insane, and/or too incompetent to come close to achieving their ends. But in the past six months, people who would be inclined to do violence to our political leaders have been affirmatively embraced by the Republican Party and its messaging operation. It's as if there had been a 24-hour cable news channel in 1981 devoted to coverage of Jodie Foster, and what it would take for someone to get her attention."


onejrkitty said...

Palin is a sick woman.

I have said it many times now but I will repeat myself.

Palin is very capable of physical violence as she reaches "critical mass" in the playing out of Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

She will draw blood.

I.E. Blood already drawn: her neglect of health care for the elderly that brought the feds in.

I.E. slashing of tires on vehicle owned by Todd's ex-mistress

I.E. I have NO proof but believe she was behind the church fire immediately after losing the VP race and her loss to (HORRORS!) A BLACK MAN ! ( Remember, she expected McCain to die and leave her as president.)

I.E. Her allowing of rally cries of "kill him" and "He is a terrorist."

I.E. Her cry to arms with "Death Panels" for her own parents and son.

I.E. The Wild Ride: IF Trig is her son, she attempted to murder him. IF Tris is not her son, that story came from the mind of one evil woman.

I.E. As militant organizations start to proliferate ( too many are afraid a (HORRORS! ) BLACK MAN is tearing apart the structure of our country to make it look like Russia) her thinly veiled crys for sessionism are just another form of inflammatory incitement.

In addition, I honestly believe that before all is said and done, Palin will personally draw blood.

Yes, she is that evil.

Anonymous said...

"He knows a lot about swastikas. He sees them everywhere."

Obviously written by a liberal elitist who never listens to Rush. In the interest of fairness you should tell your dozen or so readers that it was Nancy Pelosi who first threw the swastika accusation around. But then "progressives" and the truth don't often go together.

Anonymous said... are one sick racist...get back to the 1960s where your kind of narrow-minded hatred belongs.

Anonymous said...

I wonder why Sarah Palin and her unpatriotic, militia-loving, "Joe the Secessionist" followers don't love and support their country? I fully expect one of these brainless nutjobs to attempt to harm our President based on how the Crazy Woman foments hatred and violence. When that inevitably happens, lock'em up for life and throw away the key. Better yet, let them go join their "comrades in hate" in a place like Sudan or Rwanda. Secede, I say, secede!

onejrkitty said...

Onejrkitty is NOT a racist.

I was being sarcastic when I said, "Horrors, a Black Man" as in Palin would feel it horrible to lose to a black man and/or to have a black man as President BECAUSE SHE IS A RACIST.


I think the context of my entire post made it obvious I was being sarcastic.

Try thinking about what you read prior to jumping to conclusions.

Philip Munger said...

I stand by onejrkitty!

Anonymous said...

Palin lost the Miss Alaska contest to a black woman and lost her chance to be VP because a black man won the election. I believe she is a racist.

Philip Munger said...


I don't see the connection.

onejrkitty said...

I think the poster is making two unconnected comments.

First, that in addition to (my post) losing to Obama (remember Palin really felt she was competing with Obama,not Biden) a black man, that she also lost the Miss Alaska contest to a black.

I think she is then simply stating that Palin is a racist, NOT BECAUSE SHE LOST TO BLACKS--only that Palin is a racist in ADDITION TO LOSING TO BLACKS.

The only connection is that being racist, that would make losing to blacks all the more humilating for Palin who was ALREADY a racist.

onejrkitty said...

Oh, and thank for your support :)

Anonymous said...

onejrkitty.. it's obvious from the way you keep saying "BLACK MAN" that you consider the color of someone's skin as very important. That's racist....what should count is someone's character not their color. Sad to see "progressives" so obsessed by race.

Anonymous said...

"that she also lost the Miss Alaska contest to a black."

A true liberal would say..."an African-American" or "a black person" not just "a black" . Racist !

Philip Munger said...

I'm nor sure the crazy woman actually knows she is a racist, but implicit in many of her statements and policies are a deep, antebellum kind of pathetic view that enables racists to do their work.

Bones AK said...

I back onejrkitty. Sarah IS a racist and a AIP sympathizer.
Anonymous is FOS

Anonymous said...

"I'm nor sure the crazy woman actually knows she is a racist, but implicit in many of her statements and policies are a deep, antebellum kind of pathetic view that enables racists to do their work."

Examples ? It's really quite laughable that a leftist blog would accuse others or racism when they support a man who spent 20 Years attending a racist church, blamed whites for all the world's greed and slandered his own white grandmother rather than disown the Rev.Wright.This same man has also just awarded America's top honor to a vile anti-semite, - the woman who organized the disgusting Durban UN conference on race.

Anonymous said...

" Bones AK said...

I back onejrkitty. "

That makes racists always stick together....MLK spoke about judging a man by his character NOT his skin color...why can't you ?

Anonymous said...

Obviously, Eddie "MuttonHead" Burke has got his hands full trying so hard to "Anonymously" counter the TRUTH. You go EDDIE. You GO, Girl.

What an ignoramus. ROFL!

Anonymous said...

Yep, that's Eddie "I grope women and get arrested for it" Burke talking! LOL

Anonymous said...

OneJRKitty rocks.

SP is a racist freako. Her NPD is gradually increasing and she is becoming more and more disconnected from reality.

The racism in this country is disgusting to watch. SP feeds into hatred, all hatred, whether it is against the blacks in general, or our elected President Obama.

All of her life, she has come in 2nd best. She was elected Governor as "anyone but the other guy". She is sincerely crazy and cares about no one but herself.

Frankly I'm just happy she's out of politics. Watching her dig herself deeper into her own hole is actually rather amusing.

She's well known crazy in Alaska and Wasilla, the meth capital of the state.

Her husband is AIP and so is she. With my permission she can secede. She no longer speaks for Alaska.

Anonymous said...

"The racism in this country is disgusting to watch. SP feeds into hatred, all hatred, whether it is against the blacks in general, or our elected President Obama."

"SP feeds into hatred, all hatred" !?!
Ha, ha, ha, looks like the "progressives" have gone off the deep end ! What next - Sarah Palin as the Anti-Christ ?? Ha, ha. You guys are seriously losing the plot.

Anonymous said...

It's quite sad really, this blog tries so hard to be intellectual (in that fake, pseudo-way that leftists cultivate) and yet the only blog posts that get any real attention are the ones where Alaska's scary "liberals" can unload their hatred of a married woman. Mention "Palin" and the moonbats screech in for the kill, spewing venom .."She's evil!!", "she's crazy!!" , She wants blood!!", "she's a violent racist!!" ..but talk about anything else and the comments sections are lonely, barren wastes. Sad.

Anonymous said...

A reading of 'The peoples history of the United States' by Howard Zinn, will show the pattern of white supremacy in this country from the get-go...They were afraid of the poor, the natives and the slaves unrising since the first ship landed... and would divert the outrage of the 'underclasses' by creating enemies abroad to dissolve the organized outrage that was beginning to build and control the masses. We now have a country with a corporate white face that continues this practice, of divide and conquer the underclass...and now, it must be very scarey for them to see a popular, thinking, concerned and fair to all people type of leader we can expect blow back from the ignorant and prejudiced with fear of the 'other'... I say, dissolve that as even Jesus commanded, "Fear Not", and let a new day dawn with concern for the planet, the people, and realizing our highest capabilites as residents/participants of this most amazing and mysterious life, with love towards all.

Anonymous said...

OneJRKitty You are one smart cookie!

Anonymous said...

Why is anyone even talking about Palin? She's nothing and no one. She's a private citizen. Why is everyone talking about her Facebook postings?

She doesn't speak for Alaska.

She is the one who let over 200 seniors and sick people die - is that how you get credibility in the GOP now?

She's history, old news, and aging very rapidly and badly - in fact I'll bet she's rotting from the inside out. Should be fun to watch that. With her "favorables" at just over 35%, she's toast fortunately.

Philip Munger said...

anon @ 12:55 - I couldn't agree more, but the fact that the crazy woman's attention whore lie became such national news that even the president felt compelled to address it, makes it necssary to address it here in Alaska, where the debate on health care is just as important as it is elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

' by creating enemies abroad to dissolve the organized outrage "

Love it ! Now the "progressives" are claiming that the USA "created" Imperial Germany, Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union !!! Can they get any crazier than this ? Sadly, yes.

Anonymous said...

"She's history, old news, and aging very rapidly and badly"

"crazy woman's attention whore"

Wow ! The misogyny just keeps pouring out of the Left doesn't it? Considering "Palin is finished" she can certainly rattle the cages of the fascist Left when she wants to. Meanwhile our racist President keeps slandering the medical profession (doctors ripping tonsils out for profit, amputating limbs to raise money) and lying thru his teeth and the Left says nothing. Strange.
But please, keep up the ranting...most entertaining in a "isn't it sad but I guess they can't help themselves" kind of way.