Sunday, August 2, 2009

Lu Young Passes

Lula "Lu" Young, wife of U.S. Rep. Don Young, passed away late Saturday. She was 67. Her passing appears to have been a surprise.

During the hundreds of hours I have spent since 2006, campaigning against Rep. Don Young, and researching his political shortcomings and misdeeds, everything I read or learned affirmed that Don and Lu were very close, very much in love. This is quite sad, and must weigh heavily on Young and their two daughters.

Condolences from Progressive Alaska and from me, to Rep. Don Young and his family.

image - Lu Young helping to christen the Tote container ship, North Star


Bones AK said...

As much as I have disliked Don Young's politics, I have heard nothing but praise for his relationship with his wife Lu.

My sincere condolences to U.S. Rep. Don Young and his family

Blue_in_AK said...

How sad. I always had the feeling that he was very close to her, as well. My condolences to Rep. Young.

Dash said...

You're an interesting cat Munger. It really isn't personal with you is it? - Dash

Diane said...

Thank you for writing compassionately about Lu. I was lucky to get to know Lu while on the campaign trail and beyond. She was a gentle and considerate person, great to my son and his wife, and to me. I shall miss her. But most of all, my sincere condolences to her husband, Congressman Young. For all our spirited debating, I feel for the loss. Our thoughts are with the family.
Diane E. Benson