Monday, August 10, 2009

Video from Sibel Edmonds' Saturday Deposition Event Beginning to Come In

Brad Friedman wrote yesterday at the BRAD BLOG:

The video of the deposition itself is still forthcoming. Monday earliest, so we're told, but no way of knowing anything for sure until it's actually made available. There's some 5 or 6 hours of tape, as we understand it. We hope the text transcript of the entire deposition will also be made available to the public soon as well. Edmonds has stated that she too shares both of those hopes.

Meanwhile, we have this video of comments outside the proceeding, made by The Velvet Revolution:

Again, because nobody else in Alaska is covering this important story, Progressive Alaska will attempt to track coverage or non-coverage of this important story as it spreads or doesn't spread in the media.


Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin for President 2012!!

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

Never,never will happen!

Thanks Phil for covering this important story. It is important for all of Armenian descent as well to make the general public that certain politicans are for Sale from these countries like Turkey, and they are controlling our policy. I'm glad Eric Holder is letting this go through.

Gardenslug said...

It seems none of the MSM is reporting Sibel Edmonds' deposition. It's plainly crazy. They'd rather give airtime to wingnuts like Orly Taitz and Michelle Malkin. I guess noone cares about national security and corrupt members of our government selling information/blocking information vital to our country's security.

Thanks for posting about Edmonds Phil.

Anonymous said...

"I guess noone cares about national security"

I guess you wrote something similar when the New York Times exposed all our anti-terrorist methods ?