Saturday, August 1, 2009

Saturday Alaska Progressive Blog Roundup - August 1, 2009 -- Taking on the ADN - Part II

I. As regular readers of Progressive Alaska know, although PA has praised the work of writers at the Anchorage Daily News scores of times over the past 21 months, I've found few opportunities to be so positive about the people on the bridge of the faulty flagship operation of Alaska journalism. This past week's ADN editorial spaces brought another two episodes to the saga.

On Wednesday, July 29th, the ADN published an unsigned Our View post, called Substance over Politics, in which the editor purported that Gov. Sean Parnell will "[take] a more objective approach to hiring" high-level state employees than had his predecessor, Sarah Palin. The editor went on to use a single statement by Parnell, "I'm not requiring anybody to meet a litmus test for service in state government," to craft an essay giving him performance credit, yet offering no evidence whatsoever to back the governor's bold claim.

Even more troubling was the editor's offering up of a picture and mention of recently fired public health director, Bev Wooley, to back up Parnell's untried claim. The editorial finally dishonestly claimed:

BOTTOM LINE: You don't have to be a total "yes" woman to work in the Parnell administration.

The following day (Friday), again, the Our View post dishonestly dealt with Palin debris, this time the departure of former boards & commissions director, Frank Bailey from state government. The editorial skirted around giving Bailey's history in "Troopergate." Although the ADN editors have been critical of Bailey's role in the 2006-2008 fiasco, the editorial board there has yet to deal as honestly with this sordid affair of executive department malfeasance as have such Alaska bloggers as Andrew Halcro, Linda Kellen and AK Muckraker. Even this milk toast editorial failed to arrive at an honest bottom line:

BOTTOM LINE: In the ethics realm, Frank Bailey was a blot on Gov. Palin's record.

The ADN hasn't yet written the true bottom line: In the ethics realm, Sarah Palin has been the biggest blot on Alaska's executive department in the history of our state.

II. E. Ross at Bent Alaska is continuing that blog's excellent coverage of Anchorage's equal right ordinance, with "a new series of ordinance testimonies ..... and will continue posting more next week." Henkimaa and other Anchorage blogs will be covering the continuing legal rights saga too.

III. Coverage of the latest Hayes Research Group poll, showing Sarah Palin's Alaska popularity reaching into negative territory for the first time, was covered by the Mudflats, the Immoral Majority and Just a Girl from Homer.

Steve Aufrecht from What do I Know? was on APRN's Talk of Alaska last Tuesday, talking about ethics reform in Alaska. It was a far-ranging discussion with program host, Steve Heimel, and avoided personality issues. Steve published a background post on this, titled Discussing Ethics in the Middle of a Storm, (now in two parts) that should be mandatory reading of every Alaska legislator and reporter.

V. While writing this, Gryph has posted an article, titled Exclusive! Todd and Sarah are Splitsville!

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Andy B said...

So if a story goes viral about Sarah Palin and Phil Munger is one of the most ardent Palin critics, ask yourself, why wouldn't Mr. Munger post anything about this story on his blog, Progressive Alaska?

Could it be Mr. Munger has already published said story on Palin?

Does Mr. Munger operate a blog named The Immoral Minority?

Does Mr. Munger own a twitter account where he goes by the name of Gryphen2009?

And is Mr. Munger actually not only the operator of Progressive Alaska blog, but anonymously blogging as Gryphen at the blog by the of name of The Immoral Minority?

Curious questions to which I plan on getting answers.

So lets recap. Mr. Munger operates a blog thats stated purpose is to criticize Sarah Palin. On Aug. 01, 2009, posted by Gryphen at 5:20 AM on The Immoral Minority blog appears this headline, "Exclusive! Sarah and Todd Palin are Splitsville!" And as of 4:42 PM EST there is not a whimper on Mr. Munger's website, Progressive Alaska.


Perhaps Mr. Munger was too busy recieving his own divorce papers from his wife to post anything about his sworn enemy, Sarah Palin. Or perhaps he did post something on this but not under a name you'd recognize.

Perhaps Mr. Philip Munger is none other than Gryphen!!!

Anonymous said...

@Andy, are you crazy? You must be insane. Run, don't walk, to a psych ward and commit yourself.

Have you ever read Gryphen's blog? They are not written by the same person! Do you listen to Shannyn's show? Gryphen calls in.

Are all Palin defenders certifiable? I truly pity those who must live among these crazy Palinites like "Andy B."

Reality bites for Palinites. They are nuttier than a Christmas fruitcake.

Anonymous said...

And somebody please get Diva some help, tell her it's over.

It looks like she's going through post partum depression over SP's resignation.

Poor Diva, poor Dennis Zaki, the game is over and yet they still don't get it.

Poor pathetic souls they are.

Anonymous said...

Why don't you all go over to Dennis Zaki's blog and Celtic Diva's blog and post your concerns directly to them? Or are you all chicken?

@Anons, 5:09, 5:12, 5:15- I'm talking to you.

Philip Munger said...

Gone all day to a festival and a party. weirdsville here today, huh...?

Anonymous said...

SP is posting here

Lynn D said...

Lord is it a full moon right now and I have missed it? Every blog I have read today has the brain cell challenged out in force.

Could Andy B. masquerading and actually be SP or Meg Stapleton?

Wait could it just be that these posters are afraid of Phil and Gryphen and all Alaska bloggers?

Why Does Dennis Zaki terrify all of you?

Why do you hate so much?

Are you jealous because they are so much better looking than you are?

Is it because they are real manly men who care about all people and not the chosen few?

Why Why Why are you so afraid and intimidated???

Lord love a duck Phil I may have to quit reading for a few days or I just might start drinking! LOL

Hope you are having fun in my neck of the woods. Watching the Blue Angels and enjoying sunshine nothing better.

alaskapi said...

Good heavens!
Just popped in to say thank you for the link to Mr Aufrecht's two part ethics discussion and find ... what?...incoherent ravings about who you might really be?...weird slurs on the character of Mr Zaki...?
Did you leave the back door open when you went out?
Is looking like some unruly kids broke in and tore up the place...
At any rate, Mr Aufrecht's framework for approaching ethics ought to be the framework we use when we sit down and reform our ineffective, poorly drafted public ethics laws.
I am hoping we do so- sooner rather than later.

honestyinGov said...

W o W Phil !!
Did they open the doors to " CrazyTown" this morning..? Obviously Andy B has never read your website before and maybe never even read a ' book ' before. The writing styles alone would dissuade anyone from thinking along those lines, But apparently not if you belong to " THAT Camp ".Gryphen has written about his young daughter coming to visit a few weeks ago and we hear his voice on the radio. You physically show up for interviews as well with Dennis Zaki for interviews ( as well as pics of you fishing )as well as have friends at the ADN and nobody knew you were one and the same.You fooled everyone... except ' Andy B '.
When you suspend all sense of reality... the mind can really go wild. Cartoon Comic book writers ( and Readers-Andy B )must have this ' ability 'I guess.

Keep up the good stories on the ADN. It is rather shocking that they refuse to answer even the obvious questions or investigate as they report stories. Like last week with all the Kristan Cole MANY lies about $arah and her involvement with the AFT Slush Fund. Lies debunked within hours by the AK bloggers.ADN reported Coles statement as Fact with no follow up.Too hard.. too much work. The quarterly Funds disclosure as to how much they have and what they spent the money on was due. Did ANYONE at ADN even ask Kristan to show that disclosure statement...? It is the OBVIOUS question the ADN SHOULD ask as it relates to the facts of the story... and would back up the story.... OR disprove it.
ADN has stopped asking questions it seems. Sad. That job is left up to You. They Quit halfway thru their stories... just like $arah.