Saturday, August 8, 2009

Brad Friedman is Live Blogging Sibel Edmonds' Sworn Testimony on Foreign Infiltration of Our Congress - A Must Read!

The most gagged person in American history is testifying under oath right now about foreign infiltration of our U. S. Congress. She has been prevented in the past from talking about this, or writing about this. Shannyn Moore and I have covered Sibel Edmonds' courage in the past.

Here is the link to Brad Friedman's live blogging of her deposition testimony at the National Whistleblowers Center.

image - Sibel Edmonds


Anonymous said...

I highly recommend a visit to for an update about this testimony. This is a bombshell and will soon be all over the foreign press. Anyone shocked that no msm (republican sycophants) had the courage to attend?

I kept wondering why Denny Hastert left Congress so suddenly, didn't you?

Now we know the sad, treasonous truth.

Anonymous said...

I first read this thanks to bradblog being listed on Immoral Minority a couple of days ago and went there to read the live blogging today. Thank you AK bloggers. I particularly like IM because his blogroll has little snippets of what is on the blogs so if I'm interested, I'll go take a look. That's where I found out about your post today, so I went and looked.

I know you might have been irked a couple of days ago about your fellow progressives, but you all make a valuable contribution, not just to AK, but the rest of the US.

Thank you,
nswfm CA

Anonymous said...

Sibel is beyond brilliant in intellect. She is a beautiful person, living up to her full capability with challenges that most of us couldn't even begin to comprehend. I realize just how smart many of these people are and wonder how Sarah Palin (I know she is not part of this story) thinks she can hobnob in this class of people.

Thank your for shining light on this mess, PA. Now. . . what can average people do about it?

Philip Munger said...

"what can average people do about it?" - Work hard to change our political financing regime, elect honest people, work even harder, and pray!

Kevin said...

Thanks, Phil, for running this. I don't yet understand what the real stakes are that Turkey is unwilling to acknowledge historical facts, if they are proven, or accept some kind of international fact-finding if they aren't. This happened in 1915. We can be sure that the actual perpetrators are dead, and the Turkish constitution and government is not the same. Is the problem the truth itself, or does "genocide" carry political consequences that "intentionally causing the deaths of large numbers of civilians of a particular ethnicity" does not?

If Turkey wants to be part of Europe, it will have to come to terms with the historical reasons many Europeans remember Turkey with distaste as a non-European, Muslim imperial overlord. Acknowledging wrongdoing, even without the "G" word, could have been helpful; this only reinforces the impression of Turkish guilt. Whether it was prudent or in America's best interest for Congress to enact a resolution condemning Turkey's alleged genocide is debatable, but the wrongfulness of bribery and blackmail to prevent it is not.

LisanTX said...

Wow! Thanks for posting this.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't the not pissing off the Turks have to do with an oil pipeline through the Caucuses Mountain Range? Probably had to do with last year's Georgia/Russia mini war.

nswfm CA

Bustednuckles said...

ET, this is a political Nuclear Bomb.
I can't wait for Marcy to get a hold of the Brewster Jennings part.
I followed Brad all day today.
This is HUGE!

Another Phil, Busted.

H/T Suzanne for pointing me to ya.

Philip Munger said...


I'm not sure Marcy will even touch this. I've been warning her away from being naive about Armitage for almost three years. Some things in how she has dealt with that don't add up.

The Armitage-Brewster-Jennings hookup extends back to when they came across A's role in getting switches to the Pakistanis to develop their nuclear bombs, and Armitage did some things to hush people up that might not get out even as a result of Edmonds' deposition's fallout.

I've got a personal grudge against Armitage for what I think he did to a close friend, a great Alaskan, JB.