Friday, August 28, 2009

At the State Fair

Today and tomorrow, I'm helping out at the Alaska Democrats' State Fair booth. Last year, I was there a lot, both during the fair and before it.

Tomorrow is the anniversary of the worst political decision of Sen. John McCain's career. I spent the weekend after his decision at the fair, fielding hour after hour of phone calls from out-of-state reporters.

Tomorrow morning is the Alaska State Fair Parade. It begins at 11:00. It is an off-year for political campaigning, but there are a lot of local elections coming up in the Mat-Su Valley. I'll be marching at 11:00 with the Democrats.

Here are a couple of pictures I took this evening, at the fair:

Bumper stickers at the Mat-Su Republican Women's booth:

The big t-shirt booth. Last year they sold thousands of McCain-Palin t-shirts. This year they have no Palin t-shirts. I asked the booth's owner why that is the case, as there are hundreds of Palin t-shirt designs out there. She said that Palin is polarizing, even in the Valley; that Palin is history; and that I was the first person to even ask about her. Hmmmm...

This is as close as I could find to a t-shirt design that might have a Palin theme:


Anonymous said...

If "Palin is history" why did Obama get all "wee-weed up" when she merely wrote something on her Facebook page ?

Anonymous said...

Oh, Phil, you just earned the snark award for today. LOL

Aussie Blue Sky said...

All Sarah Palin has left in her life is her rabid obsession with President Obama. As far as she's concerned, he beat HER last year. She can't get past it and will go on telling lies about him if she thinks anyone will listen. It's purely personal, nothing to do with politics - he's a winner and she's a loser. And she sure as heck knows how to act like a loser, doesn't she?