Saturday, August 8, 2009

Crazy Woman Who Some Say May Have Tried To Kill Her Own Son, Accuses President Obama of Trying to Finish Him Off

Essentially, there are four schools of thought on how this crazy woman dealt with her most recent pregnancy, or not:

1) The child is not hers, but is somebody else's. This is based on the photos showing little or no evidence of pregnancy well into the third trimester.

This school of thought (which I don't subscribe to) could easily be ended with the production of a birth certificate. It is not a credible scenario, though.

2) The child is hers, and she managed the last stages of her pregnancy responsibly and with full approval of her doctor or doctors. This is almost as unlikely as scenario number one, as the statements by her physician fail to meet such a standard as a description of full approval of the patient's conduct, particularly during the final days of pregnancy. This is not a credible scenario.

3) The child is hers, and she acted irresponsibly during the final stages of her pregnancy, with a full schedule of events and with extensive travel which no reasonable doctor would have advised for a woman carrying a fetus all but certain to be a special needs child. This is the most likely scenario, and the one I subscribe to. It is also a scenario in which she actually, in my belief, hurt the child in a way that injured him for life.

4) The child is hers, and once she realized he was most likely a special needs child, she was determined to both keep the pregnancy secret (which she certainly did) and to do everything possible to miscarry the fetus (which is quite impossible to totally rule out).

I have been rather surprised by the number of obstetricians and delivery room medical professionals I've encountered over the past 16 months who believe this to be the most likely scenario. Understandably, none are willing to come forward on this at this time. Although I don't subscribe to this view, it cannot be ruled out.

However, it is a more likely scenario for the baby than this one:

The America I know and love is not one in which my parents or my baby with Down Syndrome will have to stand in front of Obama’s “death panel” so his bureaucrats can decide, based on a subjective judgment of their “level of productivity in society,” whether they are worthy of health care. Such a system is downright evil.

Update: To the anonymous commenters posting attacks on the premise of this essay - please, PLEASE! describe which of the four existing birth scenarios you subscribe to, or pose an alternative one.


Anonymous said...

I strongly subscribe to scenario #4. Palin did her darndest to force "God's will" to happen to her baby. I guess this was her "Christian" version of attempted abortion. In my mind, the way she recklessly endangered that precious child is akin to a woman who consumes voluminous amounts of alcohol and cocaine while pregnant. She ought to be prosecuted.

Thanks for the way you laid this out, Phil. Palin should be held accountable for recklessly endangering that baby she didn't want.

Anonymous said...

P.S. Another reason I subscribe to scenario #4 is that Palin admitted that she did not read a single book or article about Down Syndrome and how to care for a special needs child (pre and post birth) before he was born, in spite of being given such materials.

GinaM said...

The woman has no redeeming qualities left. She is a disgrace to all mothers whether that is her child or not. She's disgusting.

Anonymous said...

Awesome post. Although I go back and forth between scenario 1 and 4, simply because I think #1 is outlandish enough to be right up $P's alley. The woman craves drama as much as she craves celebrity. And I also wouldn't put it past her to hatch a plot based on Desperate Housewives, LOL.

BTW, I think your assessment of the entire debacle is exactly the way to remind the MSM about $P's wild ride from Texas. The title of the post is fantastic, also, too. ;) Thanks!

frsbdg said...

Less than two short weeks ago, Sarah Palin admonished the media to "quit makin' stuff up" in her farewell speech. Then yesterday, she breaks her silence with the most vile lie imaginable. It's easy to search the 1,000-page House version of the health care bill, and the words "death panel" are no where to be found. This despicable piece of fear-mongering adds nothing of value to the public discourse, but then again, that wasn't its purpose, was it?

Palin also scolded everyone to "leave his kids alone" in reference to Governor Parnell. Then she turns around and uses her own child as a political prop. Sarah Palin needs to get a dictionary and look up the words "irony" and "hypocrite." In the meantime, I hope she goes back to keeping her mouth shut. Every time she opens it, she embarrasses all of us here in Alaska.

Anonymous said...

With Palin's latest poisonous venom spew re: healthcare, it's time for this issue to go viral. Thanks for laying it out in a way that most folks can get.

Let's buzz it up.

Wolfe Tone said...

There's no way to describe Sarah Palin other than batshit crazy.

How can we miss her if she won't go the f*ck away?

Lazarhat said...

Scenario 4, Phil. She knew in advance he was down syndrome and did everything she could to miscarry. A responsible 45 year old woman does not log 18,000 air miles to attend unnecessary conferences during the last stages of a perhaps difficult and complicated pregnancy. A responsible 45 year old pregnant woman does not have her water break in Texas, then fly all the way back to Alaska to give birth. I have an idea that in her heart of hearts she knows exactly what she was trying to do. In spite of her insistence that everyone "leave the kids out of it", she now (AGAIN) trots him out as a talking point prop, pretending to protect him so fiercely because of latent guilt on her part for attempting to make sure he didn't make it through the ordeal of birth alive.


Anonymous said...

Phil - thank you for a great post.

In my opinion it's #4.

I was very upset with the idiot facebook post yesterday, but in the end I think it just will expose the craziness for what it is. Remember, Sarah's supporters are just a % of a %. Not enough to win a vote, but enough to stir up ugly things. We are vigilant.

Anonymous said...

"It's easy to search the 1,000-page House version of the health care bill,"

Ha, ha, ha ! Yes, so easy that not one Democrat in the House or Senate read the whole thing before the August recess.

Anonymous said...

That crazy woman is spiraling further and further into her pathology. Leave her to her own devices and she'll continue to unravel in front of the world. Popcorn time!

Anonymous said...

Wow, you people really enjoy hating on women don't you? Sigmund Freud would have a field day. Have to love a blog that claims 1,400,000 Iraqis were killed since 2003 having the nerve to call someone else "crazy".
How many of you folk had ancestors in Salem ?

Anonymous said...

"She knew in advance he was down syndrome and did everything she could to miscarry. "

"Did everything she could to miscarry"...Really ? "Everything she could" ? You don't know much about the world do you? Try and get a clue, please.

Wolfe Tone said...

Anonymous @ 10:03 -
Explain how merely pointing out that Sarah Palin is herself disseminating lies and hatred "hating on women?"

Anonymous @ 10:04 -
Go back and re-read the post. I believe Phil said he subscribes to scenario #3 - that Sarah Palin acted incredibly irresponsibly... which certainly fits the pattern.

Patrick said...
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Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin corollary to Forrest Gump: Crazy is as crazy does.

Ratfish said...

Palin "forgot" to mention that -due to Todd's native heritage (one of his grandmothers is native) their kids are eligible for free medical services from I H S.

She also forgot this is provided by the evil government.

Anonymous said...

Just wondering...Are you inbred?

Patrick said...

(Part 1 of my post)

It's scenario #1. Trig is not Sarah Palin's baby, but Bristol's child.

The only reason that Sarah Palin has gotten away with this deception so far is that no journalist has ever dared to question Sarah Palin on this issue. Nobody has asked the right questions so far, and Andrew Sullivan, who I regard as a "mainstream blogger", has been repeatedly "crucified" for questioning the birth story, although he has done a great job by exposing the fact that Sarah Palin has been unable to provide documentation that could prove that she gave birth to Trig.

The public discussion about the babygate issue had a "bad start". For example: The famous Daily Kos story from September 2008 was deleted by the author himself a few days after it was published - obviously out a fear. This was widely interpreted as a "retraction" on part of Daily Kos, but it was only the author himself who deleted the story. If only he had known that there was no reason to worry.

In addition, many commenters and bloggers at the beginning of September 2008 focused on the infamous "green sweater picture", which apparently showed that Bristol had a "baby bump". Unfortunately, this picture was taken in 2006 and therefore had no relevance for "babygate". This also partially discredited the critics right from the beginning.

Then of course there was the announcement by Sarah Palin herself that her daughter Bristol was five months pregnant. This was presented as "evidence" that Bristol possibly couldn't be the mother of Trig (instead of showing a birth certificate, medical documentation etc.). And this strategy was a great success - the MSM backed off.

And magically, this picture was posted on August 31, 2008 on flickr, showing a highly pregnant Sarah Palin on April 13, 2008….

….although Sarah Palin did not look pregnant at all until about one week before, see for example:

…and although Sarah Palin said at the press conference on April 21, 2008 that she “never looked so far along”, therefore the flight attendants on April 17 had no reason for suspecting that she was highly pregnant (from 12:55 in the audio file below).

Download audio of the press conference (MP3 file):

However, the story didn't end there. Fortunately, a lot of people still didn't believe Sarah's pregnancy story, and I myself was a very active member of the palindeception team from the beginning of November 2008 to the end of June 2009. During this time, the team collected a large amount of material and has also received a fair amount of inside information, which clearly points to Bristol Palin being the biological mother of Trig.

It’s apparent that several people in the higher political circles in Juneau and probably Anchorage (Republicans AND Democrats) knew the truth about Bristol's pregnancy or at least heard the rumors.

Some people described Bristol's pregnancy with Trig as an "open secret", some as a "closely guarded secret" within the higher political circles in Alaska. Whatever you would like to call it: Several people in Alaska KNOW THE TRUTH, or at least vital parts of it.

Patrick said...

(Part 2 of my post)

Seemingly there is some fear to go "on the record" about this issue. When Michael Carey talked on TV on September 3, 2008 about his friend, a "smart lawyer" who said that the faked pregnancy story was the "absolute truth"...

...he probably regretted it quickly afterwards, and as far as I know, never repeated the story again in public.

There would be a lot more to say to this. Trig was most likely not born on the April 18, 2008. There are strong indications that he was born much earlier, probably several months earlier.

From the detailed evidence I have seen and the conversations I had, there is no doubt in my mind that Bristol Palin was pregnant around December 2007 (most likely already several months pregnant at this point, probably 5-6 months).

And there are enough people in Alaska who know the truth, or parts of it. It may be your own Representative, or Senator, or Doctor.

WittynotQuitty said...

#4 is deeply disturbing. What she posted about "death panels" is also disturbing. My gawd - she's deeply disturbed!

May she answer for her lies someday soon.

Anonymous said...

That she was pregnant is besides the point of personal responsibility regarding getting knocked up in the first place...she and Todd shoulda known better than to have unprotected sex, with 4 children, a state, and her ego to contend we want leaders who disregard obvious consequences of their decisions and go for it anyway(even if Trip wasn't a downs baby?) Her not telling anybody about it, kids, parents etc. leads to #4, hoping for a teenager in the 60's before birth control even, I knew girls who hurt themselves trying to be rid of unwanted pregnancies...and drained ponds in poorer neighborhoods were full of infant needs to include the wiles and pitfalls of the whole natural urge to procreate and how to avoid conception (besides abortion) when you're 40+ and governor of Alaska...PERSONAL RESPONSIBILTY could cure alot of problems!

Anonymous said...

Bipolar people live in an alternate universe such as Sarah Palin's where reality rarely asserts itself.

SP's Greatest Hits

Anonymous said...

Let's see ..we have a guy who won't produce his long-form birth certificate , who has sealed every single file from his university days, who won't tell the public who paid for him to visit Pakistan, who used the dirtiest tactics against members of his own party to get into the Senate, who lied about his friendship with terrorist Bill Ayers, who had his two autobiographies written for him by Ayers, who illegally took mill ions of dollars in foreign donations during the election and you guys are worried about a baby !!!!!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 1:16 p.m. - hhmmpphh, perhaps you didn't figure out this discussion wasn't about Obama, but about the Quitta from Wasilla? You know, reading IS fundamental ....

I would subscribe to Theory No. 1 - basically, there's nothing new under the sun and this scenerio has happened untold times in other times/places. The thing I find equally funny and appalling is that really no one outside Alaska would ever have questioned this if Palin hasn't let her ego bypass her limited intelligence and accept the VP role.

Ken said...

I see that this pussy couldn't handle the truth and deleted my post. So here goes again, coward.



Philip Munger said...


Nobody has stated the crazy woman's irresponsible actions in her 3rd trimester changed a fetus' chromosomes. Rather, negligence such as the crazy woman exhibited has led to complications in the cardiovascular system of Down Syndrome children that last a lifetime. I believe there have ben some concerns about the well-being of this child due to the crazy woman's actions, both before and after the child's birth. Psychological as well as physical. That is what has concerned some.

Your capital letter function seems to be stuck. If you can't stop slobbering over your keyboard, there are some nifty keypad covers available at your nearest computer store. They cost about $25.00.

Anonymous said...

For months, I was drawn to theory #1, because I couldn't believe a mom could be so heartless as to go through with #4. But after seeing Palin's erratic behavior throughout 2009 (including hearing how "she had a choice" about having Trig or not--which she declared at an anti-choice dinner in Indiana in April) and her insane FaceBook post yesterday, I have to say, I am considering #4 again.

Why? Because it is the craziest and cruelest choice, and this is a crazy, cruel woman. Sarah Palin clearly has severe mental health issues, and no one in her family ever gets her any mental health treatment.

Kevin said...

I vote #1, for the reasons Patrick gave, and against #4, and add this.

Sarah Palin may have a personality disorder, but there is no reason to believe she would be reckless concerning her own safety. She seems to do a good job of looking after #1. Also, Todd accompanied her on that trip, and he does not seem like the reckless kind, either.

Surely after having had four children she knew some basic facts about labor and delivery: (a) leaking amniotic fluid means that active labor may begin at any time; (b) a woman's fifth labor is likely to proceed quickly; (c) delivery aboard an aircraft, hours from a medical facility, poses a definite risk to the mother's life, particularly a woman over 40; and (d) being seen giving birth lying in the aisle of an airliner would be even more embarrassing than being caught lying about being pregnant. (Cellphone photos, anyone?)

Add to that the fact that if she really had been pregnant and thought she was leaking amniotic fluid, there was no rational explanation for her not going to an OB/GYN in Dallas for examination before flying home. It just didn't happen.

The alternative is that she "made up" the pregnancy to cover up someone else's improper sexual activity that would have reflected negatively on her Evangelical Christian "family values" credibility. I'm very surprised that you, Phil, actually find this alternative less plausible.

Anonymous said...

Some day this woman will be forced to answer for her words and actions. I have to believe that.

Re: which scenario? I could believe that, for whatever reason, she undertook such risk in her trip from Texas to Alaska, if that were the only factor to consider. But it isn't.

Can I believe that she was somehow able to keep herself from giving birth on the ride home...and also that her pregnancy with this, her 5th child, just happened to be nearly invisible (or oddly misshapen, at turns)? Well, maybe..?

Can I believe that she had a wild ride, an invisible 5th pregnancy...and also dismiss the rumors about a daughter's pregnancy that existed in more than one Alaskan community long before Palin announced her own pregnancy in March? What about the fact that there are no known photographs of this daughter from mid-September 2007 through late April 2008?

Then there's the doctor who never came forward to support Palin, and who appears to have fallen off the face of the earth...and the only reporter at the hospital after Trig's birth who was in a relationship with a pro-Palin radio host...and...and...and...

At one point do coincidences cease to be coincidences?

Philip Munger said...

anon @ 6:48,

part of why #1 retains viability in many logical minds. Good points!

Anonymous said...


You did a masterful job of presenting this.

I am with # 1. That is not to say I haven't taken other schools of thought over the months. I left this on another blog and if someone who believes Sarah Palin gave birth can reasonably explain the following that would be interesting.

I've tried to get a reasonable answer to understand how Sarah Palin went from this shape on March 26, 2008:
To this shape on April 13, 2008
She went from thin to April 13 shape and after that rounder but not as big as April 13.

There is also a photo of her in red where she was huge with a previous pregnancy. I've heard the ab stories she tells. There are photos of pregnant body builders, unlike Sarah abs they protrude. I just can't give her version of this any credibility.

Anonymous said...

For I long time, I simply couldn't believe that a woman leaking amniotic fluid would possibly risk giving birth in the aisle of an airplane. I just couldn't believe anyone who knew anything about pregnancy and chidbirth would do this. And some of the photo camparisons are pretty persuasive.

One the other hand, I have a hard time believing that a cover up could be maintained so completely for so long. So many hospital staff must have had knowledge of what really went on, whatever it was.

Number 4 would be far more damaging among her base than any other option, but intent is almost impossible to prove.


Anonymous said...

What about the pics from mid-February where miss sarah is flat as a board ? And the 'video hike' around Juneau ? I was discussing this with a couple of women who have never had kids and they couldn't believe she would fake a pregnancy. Most guys probably fall into that category too. It is women who have had kids and have paid attention to miss sarah's discrepancies who are saying, 'hello, my BS detectors are on overload !'

IMO Trig was due earlier than the announced date and arrived earlier than his due date. Bristol was sequestered at auntie's and a hush-hush adoption had been arranged through the church in order to maintain the status quo. But he was born compromised and the adoption fell through. It was at that point that miss sarah impulsively announced her 'pregnancy'. Which took EVERYONE by COMPLETE surprise. Sorry for caps, but that was the case. On March 6th, 2008, nobody could believe that this woman was pregnant and purportedly due in May. My mother is fond of quoting the woman who asked, "Where are you keeping that baby, in your pocket ?"

That Trig arrived out of miss sarah's pocket only six weeks later truly defies belief.

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Scenario #1: Bristol, January 2008, not in the Conservatory…
Phil, I do not understand why you cling to the idea that Sarah Palin gave birth to Trig.

For those who are still inclined to believe Trig was “born” on 4-18-08, let me repeat that this year I saw a preemie for the first time in my life. At 7 weeks old, the baby looked like it was born yesterday, and at 12 weeks it still weighed only a few ounces more than one of my children at birth. At 12 weeks old, it looked no more than 1 or 2 weeks old at most. Ennealogic has research on 5 week premature babies here:

I believe the only true fact that Sarah gave us was the “35 weeks”. Then look at the picture of Bristol on 9-14-07. “A picture is worth a thousand words”. This EXTRA LARGE SIZE 9-14-07 official First Family photo CLEARLY shows that Bristol is at least 4 months pregnant:

Do the “granny finger counting” before and after this date. The MySpace material on Palin’s Deceptions reinforced my belief that Bristol became pregnant in mid-May 2007 and Trig would have been due in mid to late February 2008, but at 35 weeks gestation he would have been born in mid January 2008. Some people argue that you would not be able to hide baby Trig from January until Trig’s presentation on 4-18-08. Well, if TriPP was born on 12-27-08, no one saw TriPP until the 2-15-09 Fox interview with Greta Van Suckup, more than 6 weeks later. The difference is that we knew Tripp had been born yet we still did not see him. We did not know Trig had been born so no one knew to even be looking for him.

Furthermore, see how “Desperate Housewives” inspired Sarah to fake her pregnancy:
Desperate Housewives Script Plagiarized by Sarah Palin?

onejrkitty said...

Levi and Bristol know who Trigg's parents are.

When, IF, Levi writes his book, and it looks like he will, hopefully he will reveal what he knows.

However, he may not. Remember that as long as he can dangle this carrott over Palin's head, she will not go after him the way she did Wooten (yeah, and why didn't Palin leave HIS children alone?) and Levi will continue to have access to his son without legal intervention. I DO believe Rex Butler is guiding Levi in this and that Butler is keeping HIS CLIENT'S BEST INTEREST AT HEART I.E. BUTLER IS NOT GOING TO SACRAFICE LEVI TO REVEAL PALIN.


I also feel Palin was involved in her church fire as she needed the publicity desperately after losing the VP race---AND TO A BLACK MAN AT THAT ! Her narcissism would have made her furious as losing to Biden and --in her mind-- to Black President Obama. To this day, she will not refer to him as PRESIDENT Obama, but rather, simply Obama.

Palin's pathology is playing out.

She will self destruct.

She will be overly physically violent before all is said and done.

She rose to extreme narcissistic heights and now is on the way down.

She is approaching criticle mass.

Levi, Bristol, Todd and anyone who can "drop a dime" on her and totally burst her narcissistic reality bubble are in danger.


Palin will spill blood.

Anonymous said...

Having walked in Sarah's shoes for a part of trip, I kept my own pregnancy secret until after the testing proved the baby did not have Down Syndrome. I can understand her desire to continue the pregnancy secret after the tests indicated the Down Syndrome.

I have often wondered if Sarah Palin could be a "Mrs. Robinson" (The Graduate) and Trigg could have been fathered by Levi instead of Todd. If so, she may have really wanted Option #4 to happen to cover up her secret.

Anonymous said...

I tend to believe that SP was never pregnant w Tigg... especially given Levi's news, that she wanted to hide Bristol's *latest* and adopt the new baby...somehow that doesn't sound like a "new idea" given all the questions surrounding Tigg and his parentage...

Hell she hid one pregnancy, whether or not it was hers, why not do it again? I think this is the "tell" in the scenario... and that Levi is milking leaking Palin news to the media... he obviously knows a whole lot more than he is telling.... and I doubt he'll ever tell the whole truth...

Given the series of photos mentioned above of SP not looking pregnant just weeks before delivery, and the lack of photos of SP and Bristol at critical timelines during their respective pregnancies, the lack of birth certificates and birth announcements, baby pictures and proud parents etc... I find it plausible to question her April 2008 delivery of Tigg...
I do believe she would have risked that delivery on the "wild ride" but feel that the story of her completely faking that pregnancy makes more sense given what we have to go on.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Midnight Cajun at Immoral Minority has it pegged. (I used to think it was scenario 1 as well, but this makes more sense):

Bristol turns up pregnant in the fall of 07. Sarah pressures her into having an abortion, perhaps when they visit NYC in October.

At the same time, Sarah pulls a "Mrs. Robinson" with Levi (come into my bedroon, Levi, and look at this gun I've got under my bed). She doesn't realize she's pregnant because women at her age frequently skip 2-3 months. By the time she realizes it, it's too late. She runs her little ass off and doesn't eat, trying to provoke an fundie abortion. At about 25 weeks (January? early February? Didn't Sarah kinda disappear for 11 days in there somewhere?), she goes into labor and delivers a very premature baby that is not expected to live. Or maybe she doesn't even realize she's pregnant until she goes into labor. At any rate, she keeps quiet about the birth and goes on as if nothing happened. But the baby defies the odds and lives. Lordy, what to do now? Can't admit to having had a kid a month ago! So she announces she's "pregnant" and starts her scarf and baggy black jacket routine. She can't give Trig's true originally due date (mid April?), since Todd was on the North Slope at the critical time of conception, so she says she's due in May, fully planning to deliver "early" and trot him out as "newborn" when it's time to "deliver" i.e., take him home from the NICU. The Wild Ride was just a silly fabrication intended to back up this farce.

This explains, a) the Down Syndrome, which is indeed more common in older women; b: Levi kissing his baby at the Convention; c) that strange title of the VF article; d) Bristol, in an act of angry defiance, getting pregnant AGAIN and insisting on having Trip.

P.S. It also explains why Todd pointed a gun at Levi.