Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sen. Mark Begich's Statement on the Passing of Sen. Kennedy

Senator Kennedy’s public service spanned numerous American presidencies, Congresses and generations of Americans. In my short time serving with Senator Kennedy, I quickly came to appreciate his sense of dedication and public service.

Many Alaskans remember Senator Kennedy’s visits to our state – notably in 1968, when he joined Alaskans in mourning the loss of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and in 1971, when he promised rural Alaska help fighting poverty, a promise he made good on. I was reminded of those visits when I traveled to Bethel recently with members of President Obama’s cabinet. Senator Kennedy is one of just three senators who have the distinction of serving with all seven senators that the people of Alaska have sent to Washington, D.C.

Deborah and I send our deepest sympathies to Senator Kennedy's wife, Vicki, and the entire Kennedy family as we join the country in remembering Senator Kennedy and his contributions to our great country.

[PA's note - Sen. Begich's statement about the importance to Sen. Kennedy of affordable health care for all may or may not be forthcoming]


Anonymous said...

If Begich wants to honor Ted Kennedy, there is only one tribute I want to hear out of Begich, and that is that he will now change his ways and take up the fight, and fight just as hard as did Ted, for basic human rights for everyone, an end to poverty, and a nationally supported system of adequately provided health care for everyone.

Without that, he's only paying lip service to Kennedy's legacy hoping to make some cheap political hay off of Kennedy's passing.

We'll all know how sincere he is by watching his behavior, and so far, he's all puffery and cheap, false imagery.


Anonymous said...

Umm, isn't pushing for an Obamacare bill that most Americans don't want the real case of "making cheap political hay off of Kennedy's passing" ?

Anonymous said...

each of your false assumptions would have to become somehow true before your ill-conceived blather would even begin to make any rational or logical sense, and since your false assumptions are just that, completely fabricated and false, you've failed in your attempt, and have only demonstrated your own inanity and irrelevancy..

Anonymous said...

Thanks , anonymous @ 1.10AM ! That has to be one of the most (probably unintentionally) hilarious and meaningless comments I've read on any blog this week !

Anonymous said...

anonymous @ 11:56 willingly, though probably unintentionally, demonstrates the inability to grasp the concept that 'reading' requires one to possess the ability to perceive what words mean, and then utilize that perception to comprehend the difference between words that describe reality as opposed to words that describe fantasy or myth.

Allowing one's eyes to drift over a page without even the minimal comprehension of what the words on any given page mean is not 'reading'.