Tuesday, August 11, 2009

News from the University of Alaska - Today the Good News

Diane Benson's contribution to the understanding of the dynamics of this set of issues has been tremendous. Her contributions to the University of Alaska Anchorage in the past, whether as dramatist, actor, theatrical director, writer, poet, or as a graduate student outraged by implicit racism, have been largely unrecognized, past occasional theatrical reviews or articles. I'm confident that Benson, who I regard as one of Alaska's greatest civil rights figures, will present a vital, provocative educational experience to her students.

Tomorrow, PA will begin a series on the continuing efforts to harass University of Alaska Prof. Rick Steiner into leaving the school.


Anonymous said...

OK...while I get a sadistic glee poking sticks at the creepy left, I have to say that I completely agree with Diane Benson about the need for change in Alaska's attitude toward Alaska Native Women...and children too.

In general, they are the most abused and neglected part of our society and that needs to change.

alaskapi said...

anony@ 8:12-
I think you dilute your praise of Ms Benson's fine work and your own important point
"about the need for change in Alaska's attitude toward Alaska Native Women...and children too." by having to remark on your "sadistic glee"

As I look back to my grandmother, my mother and her sisters, and forward to my DIL and my beautiful grand, I see but small and few steps , to date , toward meaningful change in our attitudes.

How about we leave the righty, "creepy" lefty thing out of the equation?
And drop your dumb stick...

None of that foolishness has advanced the cause of dignity and parity for Alaskan women, Native or no, and children.

Holding to the ground we have staked out now and it's false barriers toward co-operative effort to overcome these attitudes and the problems they cause ... well, it hasn't gotten us very far...