Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Pundits on the Crazy Woman: Begala - "She's Half a Whack Job" -- Scarborough - "She Shoots Off With Her Mouth..."


Anonymous said...

Ha...the best thing about Palin is that she makes the pointy heads foam at the mouht.

They sputter and spit out the most hateful critiques they can think up.

But thats what I like about her. I especially like it that she isn't the governor any more. I like Parnell, and the press and the creepy left seem to have an instinctive reaction to Palin.

Cracks me up!

Anonymous said...

@4:29, you seem to be the one most obsessed with Sarah Palin on the whole planet! You post about her on here all the time. It's hilarious to watch you post over and over again, saying the same old thing.

But I worry about you. It makes me think that your brain is stuck on a loop. Are you unaware of the redundancy the contents of your posts?

Do you have any new ideas to help the country? Do you have anything positive to contribute to any public discourse? Do you have anything real to add to the dialogue? We're waiting....

Anonymous said...

I disagree with Begala's statement that Palin is "half a whack job." Palin is a WHOLE whack job, and then some.

The uneducated Joe Sixpack masses will follow any dumb sh*t who foams at the mouth about their hot button issues. It's laughable...but mostly sad. They worship a poor, dumb barbie doll of a woman who lacks any substance whatsoever and is a pathological liar to boot.

Sheeple, sheeple, sheeple. Or is that "lemmings"?

Thank God for Alaska she's a moneygrubbing quitter!

Alaska Is My Home said...

Hey Anon 2, you oughta leave Anon 1 alone! That way Anon 1 is tied up over here, and at other blogs who can't stand the Crazy Woman, wasting their time trying to convert.. who? People in Alaska who know what a vampire she is! And others who know, also, too! Don't shoo Anon 1 off to somewhere else where they may actually spend their time doing something proactive for their Barbie. Shhhhhhhh, mum's the word!

Bones AK said...

As long as BS Palin has any impact greater than a piss ant, comments will be made. Like it or lump it.