Sunday, May 1, 2011

Thoughts on Osama Bin Laden's Death

Shannyn Moore linked on twitter to this photo of NYC firefighters tonight, near ground zero, as crowds - thousands - gathered upon hearing the news from the White House that Osama bin Laden was killed, either yesterday or today, in Pakistan. Here are some quick impressions:

1. I'm glad he's dead. I thought he already was.

2. Listening to FOX radio on KENI AM on the way home from today's UAA commencement, three times the FOX announcers or guests misspoke and said that Obama had been killed.

3. If Osama was killed yesterday, as some are saying, it was the 66th anniversary of Adolf Hitler's suicide.

4. If he was killed today, it was the eighth anniversary of Bush's "Mission Accomplished" speech off the California coast.

5. President Obama did not allude to that speech. Rather, he called Bush before it, to let him know that Osama had been killed.

6. Had they taken him alive, maybe they might have gotten him to explain how he put this damned thing on the bottom of United Airlines Flight #175:7: Can I keep my shoes on at the airport now?

8. Can we bring our troops home from Afghanistan and Pakistan now?


Anonymous said...

Donald Trump is asking for the Long Form Death Certificate from Osama Bin Laden

Atlanta Roofing said...

I’m glad he is dead. But it will change nothing. If anything, things might just get worse.
He has many followers and the retaliation is goanna to be HUGE! To make it worse they are very patient so it could happen anytime from tomorrow till a decade away. Don’t mess with crazies. Cause crazies will do anything! RIP Osama Bin Laden.

Bob Broughton said...

"Can I keep my shoes on at the airport now?" - a worthwhile question for a follow up article. The idea I'm working on is, the USA is a very different place from what it was ten years ago, and bin Laden deserves a significant share of the blame. If all the Patriot Act restrictions on civil liberties stay in place, then bin Laden won.

Another tack: prior to 9/11, I would guess that 99% of Americans didn't know what Sharia Law is. Now, 98% of Americans still don't know what Sharia Law is, but they DO know, correctly, that it's something evil. (OTOH, Grifty McQuitter's followers are in that 98%, but if they knew what it was, they might think it's a good idea. Try asking them.) So, when we talk about who is to blame for the anti-Muslim paranoia in the US, what share of that blame goes to bin Laden?

9. Can we close Guantanamo now?

Anonymous said...

Bush's tears must be falling like rain. Bin Laden was his best ally-got him elected; helped him take away most of our remaining rights. May have even followed Chaney's instructions on the best way to accomplish 911. It took thousands of American dead to kill one sick old man. There's much to be paid if there is an afterlife.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

After all the celebrating, one must ask - just how much has it cost, in lives in money, in the changes to our rights and our society, to kill ONE man? One must then ask exactly who actually won...

Matthew said...


Why can't it be a shadow?

Moving your point of view doesn't change the essential shape of a shadow, only moving the light source (the sun) and the object casting the shadow (the engine) and the surface the shadow is cast on (the fuselage) in relation to each other would do that.

You have multiple photos from the same second or so prior to impact from multiple positions that are, given the scale, not really that far apart and all at the same basic angle (5 o'clock low).

Further, the plane itself is moving, what, a hundred miles an hour or more and is in its final bank not really changing orientation during that second.

Sometimes pictures lie simply because they are static images in time of moving 3 dimensional objects.

What you have is not multiple pictures, it's essentially one picture from multiple cameras, if that makes sense.

What you need for any sort of "proof" is pictures from prior to the final bank that show the plane in different orientation to the sun. If the "object is still visible in those photos then you can dismiss a shadow as an explanation on physics or logical grounds.