Thursday, May 19, 2011

Saradise Lost - Book 5 - Chapter 59: Jesse Griffin's Interview With Geoffrey Dunn

Five Chapters to Saradise Lost in a row. That has not happened at Progressive Alaska in a long, long time, if ever.

Why? Because the demise of so many of Palin's rivals for the 2012 GOP presidential nomination over the course of May has quickly changed the terrain, or at least it appears that way. Hence Book 5 - Chapter 56, on how her main shrine is treating her rivals.

I wrote a short review of Dunn's book as part of a May 7th on-line event hosting him at firedoglake. The next day Patrick at Politicalgates posted an interview with the author.

Today, Jesse Griffin has posted an interview with Dunn that is the first detailed look at how the author views the changes in the GOP political map in this short interval of about ten days. Apart from the quality of the interview - Jesse asks some fascinating questions (sort of reminding me of NPR's Terry Gross) that bring a lot out of Geoffrey - is the inclusion of Dunn's views on the recent pre-campaign developments:
All of a sudden the planets have once again aligned in her favor. Trump got thrown out of the race. Huckabee dropped out, which creates a huge hole for Palin. Gingrich has self-immolated. Romney is made of cardboard. Pawlenty of recycled cardboard. Palin is the only one with any charisma or juice.

The Gallup poll indicated that she has the most name recognition of any candidate. I mean, how many people know who Mitch Daniels is? She will no doubt see this as a sign from God that a door has opened. Also.

The fact that she just sent out 400,000 letters to South Carolina this week indicates that she is still positioning herself for a run. She can’t win Iowa—she has no organization there—and she can’t win New Hampshire –where she is disliked by Republicans (see my book, wink)—but she can win in South Carolina, so if she enters the race there, well it’s a free for all, and with Huckabee out, well she can roll in the South…she plays to the Southern conservative evangelicals who have a real problem with a black president.
Dunn doesn't think she can win the 2012 final race and the White House. He has more faith in the American voter, the American media and the electronic voting system than do I.

Go read the Griffin-Dunn interview at the Immoral Minority.

Go read Geoffrey's book.

I'm hoping to get my copy to deliver to the Wasilla Library soon. Can't wait to film that one.

image - Geoffrey Dunn and Jesse Griffin


KaJo said...

Phil, you DO know that no sooner do you donate your copy of "The Lies of Sarah Palin" then some Wasilla Palinbot will steal it so no one else can read it?

I'd suggest you just loan it out yourself to people you know that have an open mind (there must be SOME Repubs and Independents and Undeclareds in Alaska that fit that description).

Buzz said...

You might be right about someone taking a copy of the book and then not passing it on. It happens. But then again, it might end up in a third party's hands who sees it and then decides to read it. One more person enlightened about Sarah and her grifting ways is one less person ignorant to the truth.

I don't consider myself to be superstitious in any way, but good things seem to come my way more often than not whenever I've done something positive in an unselfish manner. Likewise, I never liked the way I felt in the past whenever I had done something spiteful or unethical like you described that someone might do in your post.

I have loaned things that weren't returned, but honestly, it's really been a long time since it's happened to me. I feel like that is somehow related to the fact that I myself have matured and am now much more conscientious than I once was. Plus, I don't loan anything that I cannot live without or cannot be replaced.

Knowledge should be shared, because the more folks that have it, the better things are for everyone involved. Okay, I'll get off my soapbox. Phil, I'm pretty new to your blog, but I've enjoy what I've read so far.