Sunday, May 29, 2011

Saradise Lost - Book 5 - Chapter 69: Palin Bombs at the Vietnam Wall in DC

--- by 11 Bravo

OK, Sarah, Now It's Fucking Personal

For some time now, you have been an amusing, albeit mostly incoherent annoyance. But today you crossed a line. With that high cut helmet, carefully designed to allow your professionally coiffed hair to flow freely, you have tried to hijack a moment that you can't even begin to understand. You decided that an event that has for years been intended to call attention to our POW/MIAs would make a really cool photo-op, as well as a great kick-off for your next get-rich-quick scheme.

Well, Sarah, you picked my war this time. I had several buddies, two of whom died within a couple of meters of me, and you zoomed right past their names on The Wall today; winking and smiling all the way. You weren't invited, you weren't welcome, but when has that ever stopped you?

Did you make a few extra bucks for your PAC? If so, I hope that helps you sleep tonight. Because you see, Sarah, my buddies have been sleeping for 40 years; and if they knew that a two-bit grifter like you would one day be making money off of their sacrifice, they might not be resting as easily as I hope they are tonight.

I'm a Christian, Sarah, and I don't say this lightly ... God damn you, Sarah Palin.


Anonymous said...

Thank you,
It really needs to be said more often. What is wrong with the media?

justafarmer said...

thanks for saying just what I wanted to say.
I lost friends in Vietnam & also in Iraq & Afghanistan.
I have a great-uncle buried in Flanders Field.
During Vietnam, one of my friends was a POW.
My father was a veteran during the Korean War, although he served stateside due to certain health issues (he recovered from a serious bout of polio as a child and was born with only one kidney, health issues indeed, but he volunteered and served the best way that the USAF provided).
My youngest son is retired after a 20+ year career in the USAF, serving all around the world and retiring as a 90% disabled StaffSgt.
Sarah Palin insults the memory of EVERYONE who has served.

dlbvet said...

Amen to that.
And I am extremely sorry about your friends that died.

crystalwolflady said...

Phil, THANK YOU! Thia POS Hi-jacked the Rolling thunder for her own self serving agenda!
Yet only a few MSM reported this? Why? She makes me physically sick and for her to carpetbag where SHE WAS CLEARLY not invited just for a photo op for her fake bus campaign, she makes me sick. What a sick fucking piece of work.

Philip Munger said...

I'll be helping honor our local Veterans Monday, as part of the ceremony at the Wall of Honor by the Mat-Su Visitors Center. I'll be playing Taps as part of the events.

justafarmer said...

Phil, what a great way to honor Memorial Day! I spent Saturday at one of our local cemeteries helping put flags on veterans' graves (at least one was a Revolutionary veteran grave). No photo ops, just did it. Photo ops were for the Boy Scouts doing the same thing at one of the larger cemeteries, and that is just fine with me.

crystalwolflady said...

That is wonderful least someone is doing more than (Lip service) Photo Ops!
Thanks for that...Honor your friends and those who have served!

Philip Munger said...



sallyngarland,tx said...

My cousin was 19 when he went to Vietnam. He had just married and was planning on being a doctor. So he became a medic. One month after he arrived, he was killed. My other cousin, who was there, escorted his body home. He was never the same after that. My one aunt had lost her son and my other aunt was watching her son return to Vietnam after her nephew had died there. I am 62 as my cousin would have been. I have missed him so much over the years.

Sarah Palin makes me sick. She just had to insinuate herself into a weekend that should not have been about her at all and hijacked the news. She is cruel beyond belief.

justafarmer said...

sally, I don't have enough virtual {{{hugs}}} for you. Just know that I know exactly how you feel.

justafarmer said...

thanks, Phil. I just appreciate when the Scouts get recognition for the things they do (more than they know), especially the cemetery flags and also the part the take in the actual Memorial Day ceremonies on Monday. They get a real lesson on the sacrifices made by those who died (most of the time)long before they were even born, although this year's Memorial Day service will be extra close to home for a long time since we lost one of our own just months ago in Afghanistan. Last local military lost were in Vietnam & Korea.

TruthRocks said...

All of the MSM is making way too much $$ off of SP - they don't ever want her to go away.

Anonymous said...


You are right--and then there's Bristol,Willow< Piper,Track, Trig and Tripp for years to come.

alaskapi said...

thank you 11 Bravo and Phil.
This day is always difficult and emotional for me .
The faces and voices of the dead and missing rise up and memories of them all often overwhelm me.
There have been so many in my family and circle of aquaintance...

I think of the POWs right in the midst of us- from my father , who served in WWII as a submariner, leaping up and running to a "battle station" at the slightest sound at night for over 40 years after leaving the service to the family friend who spends as much time underground, when he's not being treated for cancers related to Agent Orange, as a miner because the hard light of day burns with the napalm he helped drop, to the cousin who cannot be in a building over 2 stories tall, on a bridge, or a hill because he cannot get the chopper sounds out of his head.

I am always remembering how people like SP calling returning Viet Nam vets with problems 'whiners' combined with too many of those who took their anger over that war out on servicemen and women , collectively turned their backs on vets in policy and advocacy for far too long.
She would not have been there for the vets returning fron Nam, she would not.
So she has no business playing the caring-about-our-servicemen-and-women card now. None.

Sometimes I can go to planned events, sometimes not.

One year I stood here :
with my son who went to college in Oberlin and we read the names of the lost to each other and talked about how much war cost us all.

and I touch the tracings of the names of family, friends, and aquaintances from The Wall every Memorial Day lest I forget the real cost .

Diane Wuesthoff said...

Thank you for your passionate and (justifiably) angry eloquence, Phil. My son served in Bosnia and Iraq and, thank god, came home physically safe in 2005. But he saw the kind of things all combat soldiers see, and he's still fighting the war inside - struggling with PTSD. He'll make it, but many won't be able to heal the wounds that follow you wherever you go, and forever.

Sarah Palin is the most blatantly self-absorbed, lustful-for-attention "celeb politician" I have ever seen. One can only hope that she overreaches enough to convince a solid majority of the voting public that she's not fit to be dog catcher, much less president (sorry for the insult to dedicated dog catchers).

Anonymous said...

Thank you 11 Bravo and Phil, for saying what needed to be said, and for giving proper tribute to those who perished in service to our country.

Anonymous said...

Sarah's behavior is obscene. She should be ashamed of herself but she doesn't have it in her. A true sociopath.

Anonymous said...

Phil Munger you are a HERO.
God Bless You and thank you for your service to our country.
Most of all, thank for such a moving letter.
I don't know if you have any idea how much it has reverberated throughout the country, but rest assured I was moved to tears and so were a lot of is making the rounds and about to go viral.

PS: I first saw it as "Author unknown" but I hope you will allow me to correct that situation.
You deserve the credit.

Jeffery Haas in TX

Ivyfree said...

Beautifully said.

WTF was up with Rolling Thunder that they allowed it? She shows up at the last minute, she wants to participate- fine. Who escorted her to the head of the line? She likes emissions so much, why wasn't she lined up at the back?

Somebody promoted her. I'm glad there are other pro-vet organizations I can support, because Rolling Thunder just lost its appeal.

mike weber/fairportfan said...

I wouldn't claim to be a "Viet Nam veteran" in the way some are, but i had my year - at NAVCOMMSTA Cam Ranh Bay.

But i'm pretty sure that the names of a couple of guys i went to boot camp with are on the Wall that she dishonoured.

If i'd been there in DC, i would have felt it an honour and a duty to spit on Sarah Palin.

Anonymous said...

All of you so called pissed off on here must not have read the post where your fucking friend Phil Munger was bashing the Blue Angels down in Seattle. I've read other links where he slams and attacks and claims to be sorry he served in the military. Most of you writing probably spent your time protesting in the 60s and 70s, your brats are in groups like code pink and you have the fucking nerve to bash some dork like Palin when you aren't any better.

Matt Dougan said...

Funny how some people post as Anonymous...Hmmm got something to say, but don't want anyone to know it was you, yet, you call out others? Whatever...anyone who supports Palin is a traitor in my book.

honeybabe said...

true leaders inspire us to our best efforts. tyrants try to controll, intimidate and demonize opponents. we ALL know which one palin is. thank you so much for posting this. totally love it.

Buzz said...


Another thoughtful post as usual. I read your blog more often than I leave comments, but you are right more often than not, even when our opinions differ. In each case, you seem to be honest and fair-minded, which to me is more important than us agreeing, since our opinions can change as we all communicate with others with differing opinion; but if we fail to respect and consider the facts supporting differing opinions of other thoughtful people, those seeking the same truth, none of us benefit from the vast sum of knowledge we have collectively.

I also appreciate the other commenter's recognition of the work that the Scouts contribute to Memorial Day and Veteran's Day by putting flags on every military grave in our Veteran's Cemetery. We've participated since my son began in scouting 10 years ago, and it's been a great, but humbling, experience as we have seen many of the same veterans, their families, and public return year after year to ceremonies honoring those who served that have passed away.

It's sad to see fewer of the older vets each year as they pass away, but it is always wonderful to see those still with us return each year. By celebrating the lives that these honorable men and women have lived, and telling others what we have learned in the process, we feel compelled to do all we can to help our community and to encourage others to do the same in honoring our nation's best.

My son, who is completing his Eagle requirements this summer, is always surprised how many of the vets always seek him out to say hello. He's a trumpeter and has played taps several times on Veteran's Day at ceremonies at school as well as at the Veteran's Cemetery in Memphis, where we live. I think he is understanding more and more what I've tried to pass on to him about bringing honor to himself and his family by not only continuing to honor those who have earned our respect by serving their country, but also considering it his duty to always do the right thing, and to do his best in each area of his life. Over time, my teaching him has contributed much to my own learning. My Dad used to tell me, "If you want to learn something really well, teach it to someone else." I'm sure he would be proud to know that I think often of the many things that he taught me, things so simple but still so meaningful, to help guide myself each day as I try to be an effective role model for my 15-yr old son.

My Dad, who was a Marine, passed away 8 years ago. My son hopes to enter the service through one of the military academies or ROTC scholarship. I have never served in the armed services, but our community service work is a way that my son and I can honor his "Pappaw", along with all the other veterans who are no longer with us.

Thanks again for all you do.


John Lambshead said...

I come from an English military family. We have trailed a pike for the King over the generations. My late father won an MM at Anzio fighting alonside Yankees. He survived physically, after being evacuated on a stretcher, but PTSS affected him badly for the rest of his life. He cried at the last poppy-day ceremony he attended before his death.

I have a friend who fought with the Blackhorse in Vietnam. He too survived - physically.

It is deeply objectionable for any politician/reality TV star to use such memories as a PR stunt. They are too important for that. I sympathise with your anger.


Philip Munger said...

Buzz, Jeff,

Thank you so much.

Anonymous said...

Matt, no one gives a rats ass what you think and if you don't like my posting without using my name too bad. Munger is a military hating prick,those who follow him can't be much better. And who said anything about supporting Palin, stop reading shit into whatever you read. It makes you look stoopid...