Thursday, May 19, 2011

Lucid Nation - World's Guiltiest Pleasure - May 21 - Judgement Day

I've been a fan or member of Lucid Nation since 2004, when founding members of the punk rock group, Tamra Spivey and Ronnie Pontiac interviewed me for Newtopia Magazine. Soon afterward, I realized that their music is some of the best politically motivated rock music being created anywhere.

Here's one from 2010, that Tamra has reposted, on this coming week's - heh, heh - Rapture event:


Worlds Guiltiest Pleasure

Just saw it on the news today
Theres a meteor headed our way
Jehovahs playing marbles with our sky
He dont care who lives or dies

Storms and earthquakes and a burning sun
Miserable sinners each and every one
The four horsemen of the apocalypse
Just got shot down by some bad ass Crips

Its the end of us all again
Its the end of us all

Worthless posers, shameless hussies
Waiting around for the equator to freeze
Cell phone brain rot its in the Bible
Revelations foretold the American Idol

Survival aint an option
No Halliburton reconstruction
Gones the new human condition
Were talking worldwide destruction

Its the end of us all again
Its the end of us all

Israel, the Wailing Wall
The Temple on the Mount and Pope John Paul
The signs are everywhere plain to all
The human race ends with a fall

Pestilence and famine and all the plagues
Every mountain and island out of place
The devils gonna have his fun
A red moon is on the horizon

Its the end of us all again
Its the fundamental illness
Of our human masochism

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Geir said...

It's great to see classical musician/composer/conductor with eclectic tastes.

I think of Ellington being asked what constituted good music; his response; if it sounds good-it is good.

One of the reasons I love Miles is that he continued to grow and evolve throughout his career.

I've played my shakuhatchi thru a battery powered amp and reverb/delay pedal in the red light district of Amsterdam. My current gig is playing fretless electric bass in a jazz quintet on a converted rice barge moored on the banks of the Mekong owned by an Englishman with a degree in physics from Oxford.

His father was a Palestinian refugee of the Nakba, his mom was an English woman who was part of the team that cracked the Nazi enigma code when she was in her early twenties. She died here last year and her ashes were scattered in the Mekong.

"When the world is running down, make the best of what's still around."