Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Action: Chickaloon - Testimony Deadline Today

Alaska Mental Health Trust is planning on leasing 11,000 acres (over 18 square miles) of subsurface coal leases in Chickaloon (see Map).

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Click on the Arrow to go to Take Action.

This is an URGENT call to action.

Submit your personal Comments to the Board of Trustees with the online Form

The Alaska Mental Health Land Trust is once again planning to lease lands in and around Chickaloon for coal development. According to the Trust Land Office, they have received unsolicited inquiries from multiple mining companies about the lands in Chickaloon. They are considering conducting a competitive lease offering for these lands.

At a two day Board of Trustees meeting May 10-11 in Anchorage, they may decide to lease Chickaloon coal again!

Things to comment on:

  • If one coal mine in our valley is permitted, there will be a domino effect with coal mines proposed at Wishbone Hill, Jonesville, and again at Chickaloon. Be sure to take action asking that the Wishbone Hill Air Permit is denied.

  • Property values near the proposed Wishbone Hill coal mine are already impacted by banks refusing to loan in the area.

  • Our property values must be protected.

  • The 18 square miles of proposed coal leases are next to private property with no setback!

  • No one wants to live next to industrial extraction activities like coal mining.

  • Blasting will rock the very foundations of our homes.

  • The groundwater we rely on for our wells will be contaminated.

  • Coal dust is bad for your health, especially if you have asthma.

  • Coal mining creates ozone which is bad for your heart & lungs.

  • The railroad right of way is still held by the ALaska Railroad all the way up to Chickaloon!

  • Do you want coal trains, or coal trucks in your neighborhood?

  • There is very little financial benefit to the Alaska Mental Health Trust.

  • Competitive bids will start at $5 per acre X 11,486.68 acres = $57,433.40 per year.
  • Common sense compels us to ask: Why are they willing to sacrifice our property values, and health for such a tiny benefit to Alaskans?

    The Board meeting is two days, May 10-11. The Chickaloon leases may be voted on either day.

    To teleconference on May 11, call 1 866-469-3239, enter the Session Number: 801 652 189 #
    or go online to:

  • The Board meeting is two days. They may vote on the Chickaloon leases on Tuesday or Wed. May 11th.

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    Anonymous said...

    Alaska Mental Health Trust: YOU are mentally ill. These are OUR Dene lands and homes. OUT WITH YOU! I protest your existence! I protest YOUR culture of death. Yes, that is you.

    Chickaloon Village is MY ancestral homeland. GO AWAY FROM US. You are a danger to our health and being. You are a blight on our homeland and a danger to our children!

    Darlene Cheatham