Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Fracking Song


Anonymous said...


I watch Maddow online here in Asia. The advertisement between each segment is currently an Exxon Mobil guy talking about the wonders of fracking.

I see you link Counterpunch, Mondoweiss and Greenwald. Do you think Maddow will ever have any of these guys on to talk about I/P?

You think any of the big league authors with books on Palin will examine the connection between the Christian Zionists, the Israeli lobby, the Likud party.

If Mcginnis wants to have another promo interview with Matt Lauer he would be wise to avoid that topic in his book. Beyond lame.

Philip Munger said...

anon @ 9:04 am - Maddow has hopes of working her way up in the world of journalism. To bring up I/P is the end of that upward trajectory, so she won't, unless the dynamics of what happens to you if you do change markedly.

I have no idea how McGinniss will handle Christian Zionism in his book, or if he will even bring it up contextually in Palin's case, as Max Blumenthal did so well, for instance.

Unlike Maddow, McGinniss has been around long enough that he might not care about pushback for how he deals with that mix of subjects. However, any author attempting to write the definitive critical Palin bio has to choose a major theme, and edit the content based upon what that theme is.

Anonymous said...

Maddow has had Greenwald and Steve Clemons of the Washington Note but I/P is verboten. You can trash the End Times crazies from now until the cows come home but woe unto thee that dare shine a light on Zionism.

I have a list of the names of the owners/presidents of the major media and publishing houses. 'Nuff said.

It interesting and insightful to see McGinnis take "Edward Teller" to task. He neglects to point out that Scheunemann and Goldfarb are neocon Zionists.

In another post he references New Republic and Atlantic. He does not mention the Zionism of Marty Peretz nor Jonah Goldberg.

Another post is the largely irrelevant "Jews for Palin", yet McGinnis avoids Palin's meeting with AIPAC and Bibi on her visit to Israel.

I've made several posts on this at his blog. He has chosen not to respond. My guess is that he enjoys his celebrity status,the money and will stay within the same bounds as Maddow,et al.

I think it's tragic that the MSM and major authors lack either the interest or the courage to address this aspect of the Palin phenom.

Philip Munger said...

anon @ 12:47 am - I'm "Edward Teller." Joe should have known it when he complained, as my nom de blog has come up with him before. No big deal, though.