Saturday, May 28, 2011

Putting In the Garden

Our target time for putting in our vegetable garden has been Memorial Day weekend since we moved to our house on Neklason Lake in 1995. Usually, the weather offers us warmth and sunshine to work in. Friday, it got up to about 79 degrees F. Saturday, it got into the high 6os.

Above are the trays of plants I grew from seed in the house and greenhouse, hardening outside early last week.

Below is a view of most of what I put in on Friday and Saturday.

In the photo below, beets are on the lower left, corn on the lower right. Zucchini are at the top.

Below are green beans and seven kinds of lettuce.

Below are various kinds of radish, broccoli and cabbage. Off to the right are parts of 14 rows of carrots. Tomorrow, I plant the potatoes and peas.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful, Phil! And as a former gardener, I know it's hard work. Live in an apt now and only have 3 containers w/tomatoes. Gotta have those!

Anonymous said...

Looks great and such nice weather to get started with! Our AK weather has not been THAT nice, but still workable.
A number of things have gotten in over the last week, as weather and time allowed.
Hopefully today and tomorrow another phase can go in.
Thanks for showing up all your hard work!!
Remember the sun screen :-)

Miss Demeanor said...

Do you cover your corn?
I had to laugh about the 14 rows of carrots. Just like our garden. Carrots are orange candy, straight out of the ground, rinsed under a cold faucet!
Thanks as always for the beautiful pictures, and the thought provoking pieces you post.

Anonymous said...

a truly functional and active commenting on this blog, unlike some Alaskan blogs. How do you manage to keep it so functional, Phil?

Philip Munger said...

Miss Demeanor,

We can't grow enough carrots either. We got used to growing lots of them back between 2001 and 2007, when our kids were running on the Colony HS teams, specially cross-country. Julia and Alex would bring lots of carrots to all the after-meet parties.

Now Judy brings lots of carrots to the bush when she goes to work with young teachers in village schools.

We don't cover the corn. We just hope for a decent summer so we can get more than a few ears.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful garden, Phil. I grew all my own starts this year, too, in my little 5x8 greenhouse, which was very satisfying. I started putting stuff in the ground about two weeks ago, but we're out here on the west side with a sheltered back yard, so I felt it was safe, and so far everything looks great. I wish I had as much space as you.


Daisydem said...

What a nice garden Phil. And a lot of work. I hope you will reap many rewards from this garden.