Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Saradise Lost - Book 5 - Chapter 54: Kucinich Beats Palin in PPP Poll

Public Policy Polling has published the results of a poll today, showing Ohio Rep. Dennis Kucinich beating Sarah Palin in a 2012 hypothetical presidential matchup - 43% to 36%.
Trump is not the weakest Republican in the two hypothetical match ups we tested with Dennis Kucinich. Kucinich's lead over Sarah Palin if they were to face off would be 43-36. In that scenario Kucinich gets 16% of Republicans to Palin's 12% of Democrats and leads her by 10 points with independents at 42-32.

Obviously none of these match ups will ever happen but we were trying to get a gauge of just how weak these two Republican contenders would be and I think the fact that voters would take Dennis Kucinich over either of them gives us our answer.
How will the Palin shrines spin this - Palin losing by almost ten points to one of their so-called laughingstocks?


Anonymous said...

Hi Phil,

Although I live in Thailand now I grew up as did Kucinich in a working class neighborhood as the grandchild of Ellis Island in Cleveland, Ohio.

I actually met him once well I was in high-school. He was a the "boy city councilman" at the time before him became "the boy mayor"

He came to our school to give a speech and as I had no interest in politics I was walking thru the parking lot to smoke a joint behind the stadium when all of a sudden Kucinich was standing in front of me asking for directions to the principals office. I turned around and pointed "there".

I've come to greatly admire the man. Unlike some of our most progressive reps such as Weiner, Grayson, Wasserman-Schultz,et al. he his had the courage to stand up to the Israeli lobby. He was one the few who did not sign off on condemning the Goldstone report.

Anonymous said...

Apparently discussing Christian Zionist Palins connection to the Israeli lobby is verboten over at the Mysterious German Attorney's Blog.

I used to enjoy reading the well written blog posts occasionally. On the other hand in the comment section for every insightful, informative comment moving the conversation forward one had to wade thru endless variations of "Tawd" and" "$carah" are evil.

When the Scharlott paper broke the ladies were discussing sending their panties to OrangeMan Boehner
when someone posted about Weiner saying the would like to see him run for higher office.

I thought what the heck, I'll join the conversation. I commented that although Weiner was one of our best, most progressive, passionate reps I couldn't support him for president due to his rabid Zionism.

That didn't go over too well to say the least. Ad hominem attacks,
accusations of being an anti-Semite, a Palinbot troll who should go to C4P.

I said that the Trig story was an import part of the Palin train wreck but there was a 900 gorilla not being addressed in the Palin-centric blog-sphere and that is the Palin/Hagee/I Lobby/Likud push for war with Iran.

I sited statistics and links to Max Blumenthal among others. To paraphrase the response; "go away, we want to talk about BabyGate".

I pointed out that even if BabyGate turns out to be the nail in the coffin of MSM political relevance, Palin will continue to be a major player in raising millions for Christian Zionistism.

Someone commented that they had lived in Israel and were saddened by the right wing turn and it was not the Israel they remembered.She went on to say that Israel would be in deep do-do without religious tourist money.

I assume she meant the Israel of Irgun? The Nakba? Those plucky Holocaust survivors who made the desert bloom?

I pointed out that Israel has a thriving tech sector,is nuclear armed and is one the worlds largest arms manufacturer supplying South Africa. I asked her for links to back up her claims that Israel was dependent on tourist money. She posted a link to some tourism conference website.

I responded that there were no stats on the site regarding percentage of the economy. She responded with you don't believe "boots on the ground" observations.

When I attempted to respond I found I had been banned.

I sent an email to Kathleen with a copy/paste/link of Max's "Loyalty Oath" telling her that since Patrick was German he might get a kick out of this. I mentioned that you can even see many photos/video of Max himself at his site.

In Kathleen's rebuttal published in the Gaurdian her photo appears above the article and now at their site. As of yet no photo of he Mysterious German Attorney.

Anonymous said...

Although I've spent most of my life in Ohio, before moving to Asia I lived in Palin's birthplace of Sandpoint, Idaho from '88 to '94.

I helped found the food co-op and the Sandpoint Community Performing Arts Center housed in an old unused brick school. Great acoustics and wood floors for dance/music/drama work shops and classes. Performances were held at the downtown community renovated Panida Theater.

I was cast as Aslan in a musical production of C.S. Lewis' Narina. Wearing a full lion's suit and plaster cast mask. I had a 103 fever on opening night and sounded more like a croaking frog than a roaring operatic lion.

There was a great Jazz Festival in town every summer and a classical/jazz workshop/concert series hosted by "third stream" Gunther Schuller at the Schweitzer Ski Resort. I sat in with his son, bassist Ed Schuller's student Latin Jazz Ensemble.

Here in Thailand on the banks of the Mekong our band has done numerous benefit shows for local charities including the Hmong tribesman refugees living in detention camps.

I recently exchanged an email with the acclaimed jazz saxophonist Gilad Atzmon. He was born in Israeli and raised as a Jew. He now considers himself to be Palestinian and writes/lectures extensively worldwide on I/P.

Phil, what about inviting him to AK for a third stream collaboration with the AK Symphony and a lecture series.

Here is link to his site.


Philip Munger said...

anon above - I've met Ed Schuller and have corresponded with Gilad Atzmon. A lot of folks would be willing to host Ed up here, but nobody would dream of hosting Gilad.

Thanks for your lengthy descriptions and information. I've brought up Palin and Christian Zionism with Patrick and Kathleen in discussions over the past two years. Perhaps they will come to be more comfortable with more truthful, less Zionist narrative-driven discussion about Israel and about Palestinian rights in the future. It is hard for many otherwise progressive bloggers to cross that threshold, as they discover nothing brings out vitriol more than criticism of Israeli governmental policies, and how those policies relate to US governmental and political decisions. As an example, last year, in the wake of the Mavi Marmara murders, Shannyn Moore hosted Dahr Jamail on her radio program. Dahr spoke sympathetically of Gazans and of the people participating in the flotilla. Within hours of the program, Shannyn had lost over 500 facebook friends. Today, she brought up Mike Gravel's op-ed, which I posted below. The calls were predominantly hostile. I suppose she lost more facebook friends over her excellent coverage of the changes going on in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Politicalgates isn't the only liberal blog to be skittish or hostile about I/P issues. The list is quite long.

Both The Mudflats and The Immoral Minority, whose comments I read frequently, are pro-Zionist, if not anti-Palestinian. It might be unfair to single out Politicalgates' current administrators without observing that Palingates, under Regina's helm is not exactly welcoming to commenters critical of Israeli policies.

Anonymous said...

Hi Phil,

I've come to rely on blogs such as yours for their independence and the eclectic nature of the topics you cover.

For example the post about your garden starts brought back treasured memories of my stewardship of ten acres and the home I built back in Ohio which I've since sold.

I can understand Patrick's reticence given Germany's draconian laws of discussion of the Holocaust; the one with a capital H.

When that topic comes up I point out that 100k from here 2 million people were bludgeoned to death by the Khmer Rouge; what about the up to 10 million that have died and are still dying in the Congo. Do they deserve a capital "H" as well?

In Finkelstein's The "H" Industry he points to the fact that in the 1999 NYT index there where over 200 articles on the Ashkenazim genocide and less than 40 on any topic for all of Sub-Saharan Africa. Control the media and and you control the narrative.

Here in Thailand I've encountered a wide range of Israelis from young backpackers who've just completed their IDF service, some of whom have a quite boorish reputation. There are guest houses in SE Asia which have signs that read "Israelis not Welcome". The locals don't know a Jew from a fencepost. It's not ethnic/racial discrimination; it's based on past experience with the behavior of a particular nationality.

On the other hand my next door Israeli neighbors are some of the kindest most sensitive people I've encountered.

They're in their 40's and were part of a joint Palestinian/Israeli peace group. The years of harassment took their toll and like myself have chosen to live as expats. He now does online monitoring of the harbasa brigade, working with a group something akin to the Electronic Intifada.

A young Israeli married couple passing thru had recently attended a peace conference with young I and P activists in Berlin.

The baby boomer Jews I knew in the rural "back to the land" Ohio community were like myself in that we were the grandchildren of Ellis Islanders who showed up with a cardboard suitcase, a few shekels and if they were lucky an address of a relative already here.

We saw the Beatles on Ed Sullivan in Feb,'64, four years later we were dropping acid, listening to Hendrix and reading Ram Dass' Be Here Now. Then it was off to college and from there to the country hippie life.

Aside from celebrating Passover, much of the messages received in childhood seemed to go out the window. Except when it came the topic of Israel. Their perception seemed to be that of a fourteen year old Bar Mitzvah frozen in time.

It seems much of the movement in the evolution of I/P perceptions is coming from younger folks two to three generations away from the Nazi genocide.

Well Phil I've rattled on far too long. Thanks for your writing/gardening/music. I hope we can continue to conversation.

All the Best............Geir

P.S. I'm of Scandinavian heritage. Somebody sprinkled some water on my head and recited some Mumbo Jumbo. I suppose this would quaify me as an Atheist Ethnic Lutheran.