Saturday, May 28, 2011

On the Dana Loesch Interview with Frank Bailey - Part One

Frank Bailey's book tour is cranking up. Bailey is very conservative. His co-authors are not. The book, published and marketed by a subsidiary of Simon & Schuster that specializes in conservative Christian inspirational fodder, is looking more and more like an ideological cipher. Although that might be a good thing, Bailey is way too dense to handle explaining what message there might be in this tale he keeps describing as his own personal redemption.

Andrew Breitbart understudy Dana Loesch interviewed Bailey for about 15 minutes Friday. She was not only somewhat hostile, her prep people had gotten her up to speed on some Alaska issues. They missed others, but Bailey seemed ill-prepared to go far from the typical book tour questions he's been fielding:

More later on this interview.

image - Ann Coulter and Dana Loesch


AKRNC said...

Can't Bailey realize that these far right interviewers are out to hurt him and he's not prepared for them? Don't give them any publicity, Frank, that they can turn into a positive for Palin.

Anonymous said...

These Sarah adorers are afraid they'll turn into Bailey - disillusioned and broken-hearted. Like Bailey did once, they all carry water for Sarah who walks on water for them. The palinbots protect their saintly Victim like vicious mama grizzlies... but...they kinda know Sarah's a major dud... but they try very hard to avoid coming to grips with that knowledge.

That's why they're down on Bailey - they're pushing his needling reality back away from their bubble of Sarah paradise.

They should take a good long look at Bailey because that's where they'll be soon too.

Anonymous said...

Interesting how Dana labels Bailey a "progressive" at the very end, even though he's a conservative. I guess she's feels that if you're telling the truth about Palin, then you just can't be conservative. The conservative brand has become so very tainted. I thought Bailey did a fairly good job of pointing out how Dana left out segments of info to paint a misguided picture. She does her listeners a real disservice. Hope the conservatives listen to Bailey and start asking more of the hard questions.

Ratfish said...

Dana Loesch is part of a coordinated rightwing effort to discredit Frank Bailey, using "facts" and claims of "investigations."

She said that Bailey's claim of Palin increasing the budget isn't true, and she had some statistics (from C4P or RAM) to "prove" it.

Unfortunately for her, the fact is that the state operating budget went from $8.722 billion in Frank Murkowski's last year, to $9.852 billion in Palin's first year to $11.124 billion in her second year.

Gee, that's not only an increase, it's a 27.5% increase. So I guess Dana Loesch doesn't have her facts straight.

What a surprise.

Philip Munger said...


Bailey shouldn't have to hide from hostile interviews. He keeps saying himself that he is a conservative. The book is published at a conservative publishing house. It is up to him to be prepared for tough interviews.

If there was anything at all I liked about the guy I might be more sympathetic.

Grandmaj said...

I agree with your assessment of Bailey. I wish you would write a review of the book. I am reading it now and he sounds like a jilted lover who is still very much in love with an abuser. I am somewhat disappointed that the co authors agreed to do this. The book loses a lot of gravity simply because it has no index.

Philip Munger said...


I contacted both the publisher and Jeanne Devon weeks ago about possibly doing a review and hosting a on-line book salon for them at firedoglake like the one I did for Geoffrey Dunn and am scheduled to do for Joe McGinniss. Neither the publisher nor Devon have responded. IO doubt they will.

Grandmaj said...

That's too bad. I still hope you will do a review here.