Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Where is NOAA on This? - Exploding Water Samples from the Gulf!

Hat tip - Kelly Walters @ Just a Girl from Homer

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Anonymous said...

I'd double-check with the state chemist, at DEC, to see how legit this analytical procedure was followed. The video seems more stunt than science.

The Chemist said that the cause was methanol or methane gas-- maybe just a slip of the tongue but one is an alcohol. Also, how would methane explode without a spark and in a separatory funnel with the lid off?

Why not test the rest of the sample-- never use the whole sample in one test? Why was he handling samples outside of a hood? Solvents he added are dangerous and themselves flammable. Why were the samples collected in containers with a plastic lined (petroleum) lid?

How much contamination is needed to test by simply allowing the water to degas and measuring the headspace (which I think is a standard test, also)? were there blanks and background samples-- their content?

Inquiring minds want to know....