Friday, July 23, 2010

An Andrew Sullivan Reader's Description of Palin's TriG Conversation with her Doctor - Updated

I was reading The Daily Dish this morning, working on Part Two of the JounoList story, when I came across this submission to Andrew Sullivan, regarding a possible conversation between Palin and Dr. Cathy Baldwin-Johnson:

Palin: My water broke, and I'm having contractions. I want to give this speech, then fly to the hospital in Wasilla.

Doctor: You should stay in Texas and go to the hospital. Due to your age, your pregnancy is considered high-risk and you could have complications during delivery.

Palin: I don't care.

Doctor: Your baby has been diagnosed with Down's Syndrome and could have other problems, and it's very important that you be in a facility that handles high-risk deliveries when he is born.

Palin: I don't care.

Doctor: If your water broke, your baby is at risk of infection until he is delivered.

I don't care.

Doctor: Since this is your fifth pregnancy, labor could progress very quickly and you could have the baby at any time.

Palin: I don't care.

Doctor: If you went into labor on the flight, you could disrupt all the other passengers by forcing an emergency landing.

Palin: I don't care.

Doctor: Okay, if you don't care about any of that, tell me, what the fuck is so great about the hospital in Wasilla?

Palin: It's in Alaska where there are mooses and bears.

Sullivan adds, "And where no one will ask any questions."

Gryph at The Immoral Minority has found a Youtube based upon this script:

image - Palingates


ginny said...

Very good! Maybe a realistic re-creation of how this conversation would have gone will open some people's eyes!

Anonymous said...

Total Bullshit

Phil you have no shame

Anonymous said...

Phil, I appreciate your music and your blog, but could you please keep your language a little cleaner, so I can safely send links to family members who need to hear more of the truth about Sarah, but won't appreciate me sending them the "F" bomb? There are plenty of Alaskans who think of that word when they think about her, so you are in good company, but it can be a distraction from the message you wish to convey.

Anonymous said...

According to GOING ROGUE, this was Palin's 7th pregnancy; she gives accounts of miscarriages in her book.

Philip Munger said...

anon @ 9:46 - I caught that too.

Anyone who wants to read a blog free of occasional profanity, is free to start their own site.

Anonymous said...

this post illustrates exactly my problem with Sarah Palins account of her giving birth.. If its true she was willfully indifferent to the life of her baby and of the passengers on the plane she was on.. If its not true and she made up the story to make her look heroic, it just makes her a grandiose liar which would scare me to have her in office..

If Trig isn't hers, then she is a cynical opportunist who would do just about anything to get ahead, which scares me also..

Any way you slice it, this woman is not one I would want to be in control of the country.

Philip Munger said...

"Any way you slice it, this woman is not one I would want to be in control of the country."

--- or your daughter's Girl Scout troop.