Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Palin JournoList Bullshit - Part One

The latest scam worthy of an Andrew Breitbart award for journalistic integrity is now being brought out by a Glenn Beck wannabe, named Jonathan Strong. He's claiming that liberal journalists and opinion writers, when faced with McCain's choice of Palin as his running mate in late August 2008 communicated with each other, and attempted to frame a message that may have done Palin an injustice.

Good fucking grief.

Matthew Iglesias observed on Strong's move today:

I’m mentioned in Jonathan Strong’s latest exposé on how liberal pundits have liberal views on politics, with today’s edition dedicated to revealing that liberals don’t like Sarah Palin.

From Iglesias' experience with Strong, it appears the latter is trying to do something similar at the end of the week to what Andrew Breitbart did at the beginning - selectively pick stuff out of context to deliver what would otherwise be an undeliverable far right meme. Breitbart's lie was that the NAACP is more racist than the Tea Party. It may have been coordinated with behind-the-scenes GOP ratfink ops. We may or may not get the Fox News JournoList stuff on that, but here's a timeline.

It didn't work very well, because it was a disgustingly racist lie.

Now, Strong, probably trying to get a better gig, is pushing another lie - that Palin was ambushed by organized Alinksy-worshipping nutcase leftists who violated the sacrosanct rules of journalistic integrity by communicating with each other. Nefariously. Ask Glenn Beck. He can diagram it on a blackboard.

I was intrigued enough by Strong's meme, that I went back through my e-mails from the first three days of the Palin candidacy announcement. I don't subscribe to many JournoList-type listserves or e-mail groups. I didn't subscribe to any back then.

What I've discovered from going through the e-mails is that I had the same reaction Shannyn Moore had to the announcement, when Palin called in to the Bob & Mark show to tell them she had been "chosen." Moore was in the radio studio.

Moore, quite rationally, asked Palin, "You accepted?"


Aussie Blue Sky said...

I'm sure that C4P are not aware that Shannyn Moore was there in the studio when Palin called up her media friends with the news that she had hit the big-time.

Since they can never admit they know nothing about Alaska politics they will find a way to make Shannyn's presence a positive ...

... no matter how ridiculous the premise.


mommom said...

I want to point out an article from Louisiana,where a gas pipeline is being built,and the state did not give away millions of dollars to a foreign country at the direction of the Governor.

Anonymous said...

Oh I remember well.

We had just finished the garage/hanger and a garage door installer was doing his thing. He had his radio on...

Meanwhile I was securing the kids in thier car seats, the installer loudly said "You have got to be kidding, you have to listen to this."

So there we were, listening.

As I drove off my property, I said "thank god we elected a Lt. Gov."

While heading into Anch moments later a black Jetta passed me going probably 80 mph. It had a McCain/Palin bumper sticker. It had to be a Palin.

Later I realized it had to be Bristol haulin Levi to the Repub convention. No one, at that early announcement, could of had that bumper sticker.

My dad thought it was a joke.

It still is.