Friday, July 2, 2010

Ethan Berkowitz and Diane Benson on Nancy Dahlstrom's Resignation

From Sean Cockerham at the Anchorage Daily News:

Former state Rep. Nancy Dahlstrom is resigning as Gov. Sean Parnell's senior military adviser after the state attorney general said a court might find it illegal for Parnell to have given her the job.

Alaska Attorney General Dan Sullivan said Parnell hired Dahlstrom after the Department of Law told him it was legal. But Sullivan said a more thorough analysis, prompted by criticism of the hire, showed that initial advice was questionable.

"Although the Department of Law's earlier advice was not unreasonable, there is an appreciable risk that an Alaska court may not concur with the analysis on which that advice was based," Sullivan said in a finding released this afternoon.

The Alaska Constitution doesn't allow legislators to accept jobs created while they were in office.

Dahlstrom announced in May that she was resigning from the state House to take a new position as Parnell's senior military adviser. When reporters questioned that, the Parnell administration maintained her $96,000 job was legal because it wasn't being technically created until after Dahlstrom resigned from the Legislature.

Gubernatorial candidate Ethan Berkowitz has released this statement:

Sean Parnell broke the law. And, according to him, he didn't even realize it. To prevent corruption the Alaska constitution makes it illegal for Governors to hire state legislators. He broke the law, violated the constitution and claimed it was a mistake.

Sean Parnell's repeated weak excuses just don't cover up his incompetence. In his short time as acting Governor, it has been one excuse after another.

Lt. Governor candidate Diane Benson has released this statement:

Once again a lack of leadership and a disregard for the Alaska Constitution is exhibited by Acting Governor Sean Parnell. As an advocate for veterans here in Alaska and as the mother of a wounded warrior, I appreciate those who make strong commitments to our military personnel and our Veterans. Ms Dahlstrom has demonstrated her commitment to Veterans, however the Acting Governor's approach has cost Alaskans a valued public servant. I hope we all learn from this and I look forward to working as Alaska's next Lt. Governor with a strong and steady individual in the Governor's office.

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Aussie Blue Sky said...

I see the Alaska DoL clown car has been cranked up again ...

Anonymous said...

What about the other Legislator he hired who resigned from his seat...cannot recall his name right now? Think guy went into an oil postion for Parnell. Was that legal? He took the position BEFORE Dahlstrom did.

AK Sandhills said...

More shenanigans - are we surprised? I have been following this saga & am glad that at least it didn't end up as the usual cover-up - but it came pretty close!
Please let's get rid of Parnell! Remember to vote!

AKjah said...

The way i just saw this on the teevee. Was that they want to "clarify" the wording of the constitution. Now is this a push to amend the constitution? And would that not open a whole can of worms? For truly we are dealing with worms here.

slipstream said...

Lawyer-speak from AG Sullivan: "Although the Department of Law's earlier advice was not unreasonable, there is an appreciable risk that an Alaska court may not concur with the analysis on which that advice was based."

Translation: "Oops -- we got caught."

oregonbird said...

Wow. Another Alaskan woman dragging her children in as political props. At this rate, we'll soon be innundated with women candidates who toss their kiddies into the creek during bear season, just to get that 'authentic pineer woman-who-had-suffers' medal to pin to their heaving bosoms.

(Yes, that was deliberate; they won't want to look too educated, after all.)

Caleb Pritt said...

Oregonbird, I believe your breed is detected by the yellow belly you possess. You see, true gentlemen and for that matter, truly intelligent individuals with class will sign their name to criticism and stand by their word. Only a coward attacks a woman and then hides their identity.

Diane Benson hasn't used her children as props. She tells the story of what has happened to her and she does so eloquently, with grace, civility, and most of all, without using what happened. The true crime would be if she as a mother, or any parent of a wounded warrior, ignored the effects and toll that this war has had on so many American families.

I believe the reality is you are attempting, and failing, to deflect from the reality of the situation. The Governor broke the law. Candidates for higher office, both Democrats, are holding that Governor hostage.

My name is Caleb Pritt, Diane Benson's campaign manager but my words are my own, my own personal opinion, and the reality, not the mud-filled fantasy you attempted to create. Good day to you, sir.

Caleb Pritt said...

I meant to say accountable, but the Governor is holding accountability hostage, when his "supporters" attack those speak truth to power.

Anonymous said...

Vote Walker for Governor...

Philip Munger said...

thanks, Caleb