Sunday, July 18, 2010

PA Arts Sunday - What If the Tea Party was Black?

This is a new Youtube by award-winning political hiphop composer, Jasiri X. He won a 2009 Thomas Merton Award for his work, and in 2007 won an award for best political hiphop song, for Free The Jena 6.


Anonymous said...

Holy shit!
Powerful idea !
(scuse me- don't usually talk like that in public...)

Brandon said...

Man, I love this blog.

If you can't televise the revolution, put it on the web.

Way to go, Phil!

Anonymous said...

Off topic, Reposted from an earlier thread:

Hello Phil....The Question that I would love to know is this....In your conversation with RAM(I know I've asked this Question 190856732825458695673548 times before....but this....just bugs me) Did She say(to you) that the Sarah Palin legal defense fund was false????

If RAM didn't say anything about that to you, you can just say back to me "Anon, She didn't say anything about that in my conversation with Her" And I will stop asking you this question....

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Who is RAM?

Great vid, Phil.

Philip Munger said...

anon @ 9:33 - RAM is Rebecca A. Mansour, one of the creators of C4P. Fascinating person.