Monday, July 12, 2010

The Amalthea Nears Gaza - Flotilla 2010, Round Three - Updated

The Libyan-chartered, Moldovan-flagged freighter, Amalthea, is about 95 miles due north of Alexandria, traveling at 8.5 knots, on a course of about 106 degrees. It is about 250 miles from the Gaza shore. At course and speed, that should put it near the area where the Rachel Corrie was seized by the IDF last month in about 24 hours.'s news wire reports:

A pair of Lebanese NGOs are already raising funds for a trip, which will carry a large number of journalists and even a few European MPs. A small Jewish group from Germany is also planning to send a small aid ship.

These are just the groups farthest along in their efforts, and other groups across the Muslim world and indeed, the world in general, are looking to challenge the long-standing blockade of the Gaza Strip. Israel’s pledges to stop them all notwithstanding, they look to have an uphill battle in contending with so many aid groups, and so much international pressure.

Update - Tuesday - 10:00 a.m: The Amalthea is less than 100 miles from Gaza, but has recently changed course to a heading that aims for the Egyptian coast east od El Arish. The vessel is in constant contact with the IDF, but has not been boarded by the IDF patrol vessel now on the same course.

Here is Al Jazeera's report on Turkish reactions to yeasterday's IDF report on the Mavi Marmara incident:


Anonymous said...

Don't forget to mention Egypt as a co-partner in the blockade for all these years.

In fact, I have wondered, when the Arabs lived in Gaza before '68, whose passport did they use? Why weren't they just given Gaza then since Egypt controlled the area? Yet everyone screams at Israel, who only took the land when they were attacked! And now, they have given Gaza back, for NO peace-that was "promised", and they are still the bad guys.

Funny how people see things. Wonder if this ship will hope for martydom as well.

Makabit Bat Guriel said...

Phil, do you have an account on StormFront? You know that message board created by Don Black...the place where David Duke and other "white nationalists" have radio chats and post the same BS you do. Do you go by the screen name of Gustav or something more interesting?
You have quoted from and other sites that Jew haters quote from. It's the same thing I've said for years that the left wingers like you are pulling (at least with the ignorant of the world) the wool over a lot of people's eyes and someday they are going to wake up with you conducting an orchestra outside of a gate leading to newly built ovens.
What really cracks me up though is these white supremacist have quoted Justin Raimondo from and the guy is one of the biggest flaming homosexual on the planet. Of course he worked for Pat Buchanan (another Jew hating fuck) and Patty boy has no use for homosexuals. It's interesting how you clowns that can't stand Israel have such odd bedfellows! Maybe sometime you and the local brown shirts can have tea or have you already?
Don't get too excited over this new flotilla fiasco Phil, at least remember to wear your depends.

Philip Munger said...

Strange bedfellows - as in sharing stolen U.S. nuclear secrets with the South African government, as the Israelis did in the late 70s, and early 80s, eh, MBG?

Makabit Bat Guriel said...

You forgot China, Phil, and the idea that Jews invented the likes of Hezbollah as an excuse to kill Muslims/Arabs, or that all the Jews left the WTC on 9/11 and the fact we all killed Jesus although Christians talk of how he died for everyone's sins...did I get off track here Phil? Kind of like you do every time you have to come up with "but look what those fucking, dirty, lowlife, unwashed, spawn of satan Jews are doing today, yesterday, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 100, two freaking thousand years ago!"
Always the same isn't it Phil? You have to dig up old shit and toss it around like a deranged primate.

Now you didn't deny you borrow and share from other Jew haters nor did you deny having or at least considered having tea with the local brown shirts. Not that I really expected you to. Neither one of your groups are all to smart and figure if you just sit and "dialogue" a little the other side will come around to their way of thinking. Don't bother! You are so full circle from both sides you couldn't tell the difference if you were all sitting in the same fucking auditorium.
Israel and South Africa aren't such strange bedfellows under your way of thinking. They have been compared to each other so many damn times it isn't worth counting and it is always done by the likes of you.
But, when was the last time a South African flew a plane into a United State office building? Or threatened to blow the place up with "stolen nuclear secrets" huh, Phil?
Nice try though! Carry on.