Friday, July 23, 2010

July 23rd Garden Pictures

Dinner stuff: a beet, mint, potatoes, smoked and frozen Copper River Sockeye salmon

Closeup of the rather large beet

Stupice tomatoes. We've already eaten about 40 of them.

Purple Hungarian peppers

The bounty: broccoli, radishes. beets, carrots and zucchini

Two five-foot-tall chard plants

Corn starting to mature

A purple poppy

Tiny green beans. They need more sun.

five-foot-tall dill plants

Potato flowers

A wheel barrow full of future compost

A lilly flower amidst other flowers from Judy's rock garden border


akbright said...

Bless me father for I have sinned - I have coveted another man's garden.

Philip Munger said...

heh. You are forgiven.

Can't believe how good this year's garden is.

honestyinGov said...

I would have to agree with your first commenter Phil... I am both envious and jealous... AND HUNGRY now. You must have 2 green thumbs.. not 1.

About your Brave New Films clip that you posted. You might want to correct/adjust the Title. Carly ' Phony-rina' is actually running for the Senate seat, against Boxer. Meg Whitman is in the Governors race. Easy to confuse these GOP Millionaire women who suddenly want to become politicians.... even though one has not even voted for over 28 years. When they see Quitter Sarah as an example... and see how LOW the bar has been set they say... " I can do... THAT ? "

Suzanne said...

add me to the list echoing akbright's words

*sigh* you have a bountiful garden dood

emrysa said...

wow great looking garden! I have wandered over to your blog from gryphen's place a few times, didn't know you were a big gardener. I live for it. do you go the organic route?

Philip Munger said...


Organic. We use a lot of home-made compost, some commercial organic composted manure, and a fertilizer produced by Botanicare, called Pure Blend.

emrysa said...

thanks for not poisoning the planet!! I garden organically too. I've got another question which may seem strange, but it's the biggest issue I deal with so I am curious - do you have fungus problems in alaska? I garden in georgia and where I am at the moment has a lot of fungus in the soil. I've had a few tomato plants succumb to fusarium already this season. curious about fungus since you are in a completely different climate.

nancydrew said...

Please tell us you have a greenhouse where you started all of this in say, February. And professional help. My garden zone and growing season is probably very similar to yours. Garden looks like yours must have in May. (Hanging head and vowing to get head start next season, remembering the tortoise and the hare, or was it the ant and the grasshopper?) You have beets now!

Philip Munger said...


All our plants are from my own starts. I began starts in February, in a south-facing window in our bedroom.

The big beets are transplants from greenhouse starts in April.

The pepper plants will winter indoors.

Philip Munger said...


We have mold problems on green beans if they get too wet. We get small slugs in lettuce and cabbage. We can get aphids or mites in the peppers and basil in the greenhouse, but I use a lot of ladybugs.

The tomatoes have never suffered an attack by bug or mold or whatever.

So far, the moose have stayed away in the summer. At our old house both moose and bears would sometimes wreck the garden.

emrysa said...

thanks for your response, Phil. glad to hear that fungus hasn't taken over every corner of the world, lol (seriously, the thought kinda scares me...)

Dan Heynen said...

Gwen would love to come over and chat with you and get some tips!

Anonymous said...

Dang moose anyway!
The little guys actually walk between the row of potatos, like they care!

It is just best I start a moose farm...

I'm just venting.

Nice crop. Mine as been ate up, stomp up and generally messed up.