Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Blue America 2010 Ad

Blue America, which helped raise about $70,000 for Mark Begich in 2008, but has pretty much disowned him now, created this ad - the first of several coming out:


DownWithTyranny said...

What do you mean "pretty much" disowned him?

Tom said...

Hey Phil - I'm curious what your source is? I think you are wrong. I don't always agree with what my Brother does, nor do I always agree with what a lot of Ds do, but I certainly understand the difference between slamming a friend vs. electing a Republican. Mark's been good on Health Care, Jobs, Education, Choice, Justice and judges. What exactly is it that you want? If the issue is guns and oil, then I am sure you will have similar comments for most of Alaska's elected Democrats. Rachel Maddow has long since ceased referring to Mark as a Conservadem - especially when she did a little research and realized he was supporting the 4 key pillars of the President's agenda - Jobs, Education, Health Care and comprehensive Energy Policy. His first speech on the floor was about climate change (the progressive view, should you need to ask). Anyway, thats my two cents. I often read your comments and felt I had to respond to your unsupported aside in the headline.

Tom Begich