Friday, July 2, 2010

John Zeigler, Move Over

Hat tip to the sea of pee for posting this Thursday. A guy named John Verrel or something did this piece for Conservative New Media. Conservatives 4 Palin touted it as some kind of triumph for Palin.


Aussie Blue Sky said...

Even though I only lasted a shade under three minutes, I got that it was all about the loudmouth with the two microphones. I hope that he got his jollies being cited at c4p, because he clearly has no skills.

It's lonely at the bottom of barrel - and shrieking "democracy in action" clearly doesn't get you any credibility at all.

Kudos to Miss Ross of c4p for digging up this piece of nothing - but does she really think her girl-on-girl obsession with Sarah Palin is going to be ameliorated by this?

AKRNC said...

This idiot keeps talking about he doesn't understand that Palin is sexist. However, he obviously understands that she is racist and anti-gay since he's not questioning that part of their speech. A flag doesn't need to be carried to show that you're patriotic. In fact, anyone who thinks without one on your lapel, you're anti-American is showing their ignorance.

jo said...

Palin was against the Lilly Letterbetter act, and a woman's right to choose. He couldn't disagree with the anti-gay, and racists, because she is. The supporters brought flags, and sang badly big deal. No one said what policies or values she has they agree with, because she has none.

WakeUpAmerica said...

I have never understood how carrying, waving, or saluting a flag makes one more patriotic. Having integrity and being kind to others is much more important. Those are the traits that will make this country great.

Anonymous said...

I saw this too... tacky...

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Take care

ella said...

It saddens me that the young "reporter" and the young pro-Palin students do not understand how a woman can be sexist.
We had to fight against repressive women (Phyllis Schaffly, Anita Bryant, and many more) to bring women the rights they have today.
There are MANY women who want to put women "back in their place."
Having a vagina does NOT make someone a femnist - it merely makes them a FEMALE.
Palin uses her sexuality (winking and dressing like a cheap trick) to attract her base. A femnist CAN be feminine, but uses her intelligence to get ahead (something Palin cannot do - because she is not bright).
Feminism is about equal rights - We fought for this for decades, and the youth in the video DO NOT GET IT!

Anonymous said...

Thanks to this guy and C4P for so ably proving our point. The pro-Palin crowd obviously doesn't waste much time or energy doing their homework or thinking things through. Palin's record is the opposite of what she claims to stand for, and wouldn't it have been nice if they could have put the money they paid Palin into scholarships for the students?

darkblack said...

Ah, the Sarah Palin pinata - specially designed for the user to quit half way through because it's just too hard. Thank you Irwin Mainway!