Friday, July 23, 2010

Emily Henochowicz, Gave an Eye for Justice. Now She Gives Us a Song

Emily Henochowicz, the talented young Cooper Union college art student, who lost an eye in a May 31st demonstration at the Qalandiya checkpoint (her offense - holding a Turkish flag), has written a song. It is a plea for justice for Palestinians.

Emily was shot, almost point-blank, in the eye by an Israeli soldier. She's lucky she wasn't killed. In her recovery, Emily has shown remarkable courage, durability and restraint toward those who robbed her of half of what a visual artist needs most - eyesight.

She continues to produce new images, posted at her web site, Thirsty Pixels. Yesterday, Emily posted a song there, and on YouTube. Just below the song, Emily makes an appeal:

Also, if someone could remix this or re-sing this with piano, that would be brilliant.

Hopefully, one of the many talented musicians who inhabit the world of Alaska's progressive blogs, can come up with Emily's request. Here's her song:

Susie Kneedler and Phil Weiss have transcribed part of Emily's lyrics:

In Palestine, oh I miss you Palestine.

And you know I think back to the memory of my grandparents in Poland

And I think of what they suffered through in Europe. It makes me sad

I think they would be sad how all those Jews who died in the Holocaust would be so very sad

If they knew that this is how their memory was being used

Oh-oh, in Palestine

It’s fascist what they’re doing

It is ethnic cleansing what they’re doing

It is just as bad as what had happened to them

Don’t they see?

Don’t they see?

If they don’t want people to be anti-Semitic, then they better act like good Jews!

They can’t say that they are moral when this is what they do!

In Palestine


Anonymous said...

I wish I was in Dixie, away, away

Makabit Bat Guriel said...

She's either drunk or fucking nuts or both. Your son isn't looking for a girlfriend is he Phil?
Thanks for the laugh.

Philip Munger said...


you're certainly in a charitable mood today.

Makabit Bat Guriel said...

Well, watch the video again and ask yourself what she has ingested. I'm sure those dirty Israeli IDF Jews caused her to become addicted to her pain pills. She likes to rub her nose a lot to start with.

And isn't she using the Holocaust to sell her bull shit? Isn't that what you "progressives" accuse Israel of doing all the time?
Seems by doing a little search on her thinking she hasn't been a Jew since around 18 years of age, some people refer to it as a self-hating Jew. My way of thinking is a bit different than most, if you don't believe it, live it, accept it you aren't...none of this once a Jew always a Jew for me.

She is a one-eyed jack in more ways then one...if you get my drift.

As for you, you are never charitable when it comes to a Jew. At least if they don't fall at your feet and worship. And even then they should be waiting for the fall of the sword across their neck.

Makabit Bat Guriel said...

One more thing here, Phil. You really need to stop with the excessive lying. You say she was hit "almost point-blank," when the person that fired the tear gas was 15 to 20 yards away.