Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Bounty of Blood Rock

Tuesday night and yesterday was time for my annual trip to the Copper River canyon, to catch Sockeye salmon with a dipnet. My fishing partner, Steve Johnson, and I caught 60 Reds in three hours and 45 minutes. We were dropped off by the boat at an outcropping called Blood Rock. It is the first promontory on the southwest side of the river at the bottom of the canyon.

Here's the river, the sky and a fuel truck at midnight Tuesday-Wednesday.
Here's Steve with our 60 fish, as we were cleaning up while awaiting the boat's return.

Here's a look at Blood Rock from the boat, as we left.

And here's the first of my 30 fish, with home-grown Rosemary, garlic and olive oil, about to be placed in the grill.


CTuttle said...

Aloha, Phillip...! Can ya salt and send me some...? ;-)

I haven't had lomi-lomi in quite some time...!

Anonymous said...

Nice little subsistence fishery, eh?