Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Musicians to BP - "Sorry Ain't Enough No More"

Powerful music, coming from Gulf state artists:

From the Oil Spill Commission's hearing yesterday (where's Fran? - update - she is in SE Alaska, being optimistic about the wonderful opportunity BP has given us to understand more about the challenges of drilling in the Arctic, or something...):

Drew Landry's song with a video montage from the Gulf:

Meanwhile, the cap may not work.


Anonymous said...

Hello Phil,
The weather in Mat Su should get warmer this next week. Good for the gardens.

Your piece on Diane and Ethan is good. I will support Diane, because she finds those details that many seem to miss. A very good quality for one seeking public office.

Your music subject threads are enlightening and just wonderful.

And your food posts. Well that fresh basil pasta has got to be good. However the photo of a Copper River salmon nicely tucked in tin foil, with fresh Rosemary is to die for.

In my opinion, the garden photos top the beautiful photos of the lake you live near.

But I can't bring myself to read about the Gulf Gusher. In your blog or anywhere else. I do hope the YouTube music vids posted here go far and wide. And being able to write this does help me with the stress associated with EVOS and PWS. It is a form of trauma for me to see the current news coverage of the Gulf Gusher. My sweetie is right about this and I hate to admit it. I do raise my voice and get louder, much like barking. I get rude and short with people around me who don't deserve my wrath. Those young singers in the first vid know their stompin grounds are in ruin. I did watch the first 30 sec. But are they gonna have a sweetie like I have to listen to me scream and watch me shake my fists in air 23 years from now? Are they gonna go to a blog such as this and be able to post the rancid reality in their heads 23 years later?

I hope so.

Anonymous said...

Powerful music indeed...