Friday, July 30, 2010

More Late July Pictures from the House by the Lake

A water lily on Neklason Lake

Corn in the garden. It needs some warmer weather.

Cherokee Purple tomatoes

Peas, Green beans and potato box #2. The green beans need a LOT more sun and heat.


Sedum Spurium


emrysa said...

nice pics! glad you're growing cherokee purples - those have become my favorite tomato. last year was the first time I grew/tried them. this year I have 2 cp plants and despite the soil fungus and heat in the 90's they are hanging in there. I will probably always grow these. so tasty!

AK Sandhills said...

I love your garden pictures Phil. They are very inspiring to me as we are trying to get landscaping ideas. We are also on a lake in the valley and are trying to find an interesting ground cover to plant. I don't want grass but someone suggested thyme and I guess there are very slow growing native grasses that do not require a lot of watering & do not need fertilizer. Any suggestions? We have a lot of property between the house & the lake (roughly 1 acre or more) so it is challenging to find something that will take care of itself but that will not take over like a lot of the low bushes we have now that you can't really walk on.