Monday, July 19, 2010

Cenk Uygur on Palin's Most Recent Twitter Fail - Hilarious


Anonymous said...

This is such a stunningly embarrassing incident that I'm sure that her national political career is over!

Wait, I've been saying that to myself ever since the Katie Couric Interview and amazingly she's still standing!

They should study whatever it is she has that keeps people loving her so much that they ignore all her faults. There's a kid at my daughter's school who has the same ability. My daughter thinks he has some weird and unusual substance in his sweat that make people flock to him.

Perhaps we'll next see SP hawking a new perfume line, with a little bit of her own pheromones mixed in! I'm thinking it could easily sell for $1,000/ounce. bt

viva said...

Funny you should mention it: I've never been close to Sarah Palin but I've said a dozen times that to me she looks like she smells.

However, I think you can forget the pheromones theory because it takes a lot of money and effort for her cult followers to be in the same room as her for the very first time, so the damage has clearly already been done some other way.

Anonymous said...

OK, Palin is an idiot.

However my fellow lefties shouldn't make the mistake to assume that all those who protest this mosque are Right Wing fanatics.

I've been an independent liberal for my entire voting life and simply refuse to ignore that the Religion/Ideology known as Islam is currently corrupt with too many anti-democratic forces.

While 'freedom' may be a word hijacked by the Right, I still believe in complete and equal rights for all. Muslims simply don't, and I oppose their expansion.

Anonymous said...

What do you think of her latest FB post on the mosque?