Saturday, December 6, 2008

Saturday Housekeeping

Progressive Alaska has updated the site a bit today:

** Voice of the Times and RetireTed have been dropped from Humor Sites for Alaskan Progressives.

** Alaskans for Truth has been added to Statewide Progressive Organizations.

** The Alaska Standard has been added to Important Alaska Sites - Not Necessarily Progressive. An Alaskan Abroad, which is no longer accessible, has been removed from that category.

Welcome, Alaskans for Truth and The Alaska Standard.

If readers know of other credible Alaska blogs that need to be listed here, please let me know, in the comments, or via email. Thanks.

image - Dan Fagan, chief contributor to The Alaska Standard


Anonymous said...

FINALLY! A conservative blog. Thanks Dan - and Phil!

Anonymous said...

eye bleach may not get the stain of that image out my brain . . .

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute, Fagan is the head cheese at Alaska Standard? Then WTF is he doing citing it as a source on his radio show?

EchoChamber anyone?

Anonymous said...

nice camel toe ya got there fagan.