Sunday, September 27, 2009

Two Interesting Photos I Caught Today

Steve's montage of images of Max Blumenthal speaking at the University of Alaska Anchorage Saturday night. Steve wrote about his impressions of Max's talk at WhatDoIKnow?

An image capture screenshot of former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, taken ten days before the birth of her son, Trig. The screen shot is from a long FOX News video on Palin, and the date of the shoot is April 8th, 2008. Trig was born April 18th, 2008.

Having seen Palin in the late stages of two of her previous pregnancies, I find this image disturbing. I've written here before on which of the four Trig birth scenarios I subscribe to, but this image leaves me unsettled.

More here and here.


Anonymous said...

"1) The child is not hers... This school of thought (which I don't subscribe to)..."

Okay, I love ya Phil, but please, make up your mind!

It's obvious to me that she didn't give birth to that 5th kid. What I want to know is did the GOP play a part in the charade?

Anonymous said...

If the "stairwell" video and photos are definitely from April 8, 2008 then, Palin wore padding and the Andrea Gusty/KTTU photo dated April 13 is a fraud. There are several people present in this stairwell, the two students posing with the governor and those who are photographing, taking video footage or just watching. They need to come forward.

funkalunatic said...

Isn't enough to prove that she wasn't pregnant, but if she was it doesn't look like she was getting enough to eat. (funkalunatic is not a doctor)

Anonymous said...

SP is clearly not pregnant w Trig in this video.
Funkalunatic - compare to the picture 5 days later w Gusty, where Palin's belly is huge - she obviously remembered to wear the fake belly that tim.

Anonymous said...

Alaska Bloggers are to Sarah Palin what Orly Taitz is to the Obama birther movement.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I'd feel a little unsettled too and I agree that the image is disturbing. There is no way on earth that Sarah Palin is eight months pregnant in that picture. Having seen the video today, I decided to do a little research. There are some very interesting comments in this piece (from the medical profession).

Casey said...

Phil, I thought the baby rumours were false ...then I saw this video. This is just too much information to look the other way. April 8 her tummy is flat as a pancake...then she gives birth 10 days later to a baby that she takes to work the very next day. I don't think so. Something doesn't smell right, and I think Ms. Sarah will have some explaining to do.


Anonymous said...

I, too, think it is very disturbing. What disturbs me the most is that some people think that if they repeat the lie "I was pregnant" long enough, it will be believed. This is a huge LIE. No one has ever tried to manipulate the entire voting public like this before! Thank goodness with the internet the truth can be investigated and brought to light. Please continue to pursue this incredible story and keep us posted. This is beyond belief. Thanks, Pam

Anonymous said...

The truth is unsettling in this case.

Punkinbugg said...

The mother of one of those stairwell students as come forward. Her name is "Eileen", and she has posted on Bree Palin and Palin Deceptions.

That photograph was on display at her son's school for quite a while. She has the original & can verify the date of the school trip.

Anonymous said...

Phil, I was in your camp of not being willing to believe that the Governor of Alaska could perpetrate such a fraud on the people of her state, and later the people of America. But the photos don't lie. She was not pregnant; it is clearly a hoax. In fact, ironically the April 13 photo with the fake pregnancy belly really proves the hoax beyond a doubt, as it is physically impossible for that change to have taken place in 5 days. And then back to no belly for the trip to Texas? Please. Didn't happen. It's more than just unsettling. It is a huge lie, and it's time to call out the fraud.

get real said...

Palin is the one who is "disturbing."

And there are many who have known this for quite a long time now.

Celia Harrison said...

I would have never looked at any of the blogs about the pregnancy if someone had not insisted I did. I make my judgments based on facts. I was stunned by the pictures and the fact that people had put so much work into them to prove the dates they were taken. The evidence was already clear to me before the new pictures and videos on Bree Palin. Sarah Palin did not have Trig, I feel that is a factual statement from the pictures and other evidence. Now the evidence that Bristol was the mother is circumstancial, but logical. It appears that she may not be the mother of Trig now. It will take time to sort it all out and people don't come forward because they are afraid of Palin and the other dominionists. I don't blame them I have been the victim of some myself.

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Phil, "unsettled"?? What is it exactly that you don't understand? Sarah Palin did not give birth to Trig Paxson Van Palin. Her fake pregnancy is the biggest hoax in American politics.

Suggestion: Why don't you ask the questions of what you don't understand, and we will answer those questions. It will make for a helpful question and answer session for all those who have been kept in the dark by MSM who have not and will not report it.

Ask away!

Anonymous said...

Unbelievable! This woman is an absolutley pathological liar. Sick, sick, sick. Time for the maverick to produce little Trig's birth certificate. BTW -- Shouldn't it be a matter of public record now at city hall?

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Anon @ 6:18 pm, sorry, but only parents or the person him/herself can obtain a copy of the birth certificate. If it were that easy, do you think we would have gone to all this trouble? lol

We have had to battle the fact that Sarah and the McCain campaign goon squad scrubbed photos and MySpace material, even the Johnston's computer.

ProChoiceGrandma said...

The discovery of this FOX NEWS video by Bree Palin is fantastic! It goes to show that someone at Fox News realized this was a big mistake, and it has been buried for nearly 17 months. I am ALMOST inclined to write a thank you note to Greta Van Suckup.

Anonymous said...

"Her fake pregnancy is the biggest hoax in American politics."

No, no....that honor is reserved for the Joker currently occupying the White House.

Eileen said...

I have only gone to this site during the campaign, I believe. On BreePalin blog someone said Phil might be reconsidering his earlier notions. So my ears are ringing as my name has come up. I am the "Eileen" who gave Palins deception blog the still shot taken on April 8, 2008 to her via email and hard copy.

I also had a school newsletter to back-up my own calender of the five day period the two students went to Juneau and accidently met Gov. Faker on the staircase. I tend to be a pack rat and didn't know the relevance of the photo I (still) frequently pass in the hall of Gov. and 'The Backstairs Boys.' Until I stated reading PD blog and searched for when the trip was.
At the time they were minors, one still is. Their teacher from the bush is out of sight but with them. They were on a trip that students make on a annual basis. Our entire village has seen this displayed photo. One student has a parent involved with school. They probably don't even know these blogs exist. Hey, maybe they don't even know Greta and Fox had to deep-six the incriminating video of them that shows FLAT Palin TEN days before she fricken gave birth! (alleged 4-13)HA!
I am in process of sending photo to the other Babygate sites now that Bree has found this buried Fox News video clip which correlates to my still. I had no idea that Elan Frank was filming the shot as well.

I think it is ironic that these Native Alaskan students are unwittingly helping uncover one of the most bizarre political/personal cover-ups in the 20-21st Century. Palin's Hoax is a female version of Watergate-she makes the typical sordid details of adultry and hypocrisy male politicians engage in look mainstream, boring and corrupt for just pocket change. And the Corrupt Bastards Club of Alaska politicians just gained in the thousands of dollars, whereas Palins have gained MILLIONS since picked by idiot McCain who didn't vet her.

She is rogue, you betcha, as she invented in a Republican kind of way-a rogue feminist version of spit in ya alls eye. So there. And the GOP and McCain campaign most likely helped her as well as some of her extended family.

I am not the mom of either student
(Pb-12:56) but know them well and often work at school. These boys were thrilled to meet the Gov. April 8th is definite date, Audrey helped me pinpoint that to a two day period based on the kid's itinary and Palin's clothing choice. I am mom of younger kids at same school.

And yes, since Palin deception posted my shot of the photo Mother's Day 2009 in her "Enough is Enough" essay-I have wondered when MSM will bust this fake pregnancy. Five freaking days later she posed as a gigantic pregnant mother with Andrea Gutsy-young Native reporter lucky to get a late night one on one with Governor in the only clearly bustin' out of her britches supposed to be preggers shot there is. Reporter: lucky or naive? Or somehow knows Todd and Palin family? Or not a very inquisitive or observant reporter! Not at the tv station any more.

I think this is the most open secret among politically connected folks in AMERICA and MSM, average citizens find all this girly medical talk sorta icky.

I think the town hall haters are harping on Obama's birth certificate and some of them are GOP operatives or just plain Palin fanatics who are aware of Babygate and are clouding the issue of who should really show their birth certificate.

I believe other Alaskans have evidence to prove Palin never gave birth to Trig and they either won't share it or haven't a clue what they have like I do. The only difference was that after the election I wondered what the fuss was about a knocked up Rep. daughter and sometime around Christmas, googled the topic and started reading and then it dawned on me about the hidden trasure under my own nose.
Former Gov. Hickel really layed it out against the dividers like Palin Sunday in the ADN. Known public figures and MSM need to grow some balls and out Palin on this political hoax she invented.

Bayan said...

@ Eileen,
I hope you've already called the major newspapers and news networks and told them your story;
and presented the photo/photos along with the two boys who were present for that visit with Palin in the stairwell. The sooner you do, the better, otherwise I fear you may encounter some danger from Palin's minions.
I cannot believe that noone else in Alaska is willing to come forward and call out the Palins for this hoax they pulled. But, I agree with you Eileen that if the exposure of the hoax can be verified by the boys from the Native Alaskan community, there is some sweet justice in that.

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Phil, no questions yet?
Keep in mind two things for later consideration:
1. Trig was born in January 2008, NOT on 4-18-08. Trig's presentation on 4-18-08 was a pre-planned event and would have gone very smoothly, except Grandpa Heath mentioned about the water breaking.

2. CBJ did not know Palin was going to fake a pregnancy. Remember, Palin did not announce her "pregnancy" until 3-5-08, the day AFTER McCain won the Republican nomination on 3-4-08. CBJ's professional involvement with BP would never allow her to admit or deny anything.

Go to Palingates for a better understanding here:

And this site is very helpful:

Do some homework, then ask your questions.

Patrick said...

I have created two new photo-montages which compare Sarah Palin's appearance on April 8 and April 13, 2008 (using the undistorted images).

It's very clear that the big belly on April 13 came out of nowhere.

See here:

Anonymous said...

Wow, even though Palin is semi-retired it doesn't stop the "progressives" from continuing to freak out over her very existence. Still, it gives them something to fixate on while Obama flies to Denmark on behalf of the Chicago mob, leaving behind massive, unemployment, Iran on the verge of going nuclear, a faltering economy, a healthcare quagmire, a broken ACORN and possible defeat in Afghanistan. When the going gets tough, Obama flies out of the country....

Anonymous said...

Though I find myself fascinated by speculation on Palin's pregnancy, I also find myself troubled by that very fascination. I doubt very much constructive is accomplished by continuing and prolonging the speculation.

What might be constructive:

1. Find out what, short of Palin's confession, would prove she faked the pregnancy. (is there any such thing, other than the hospital records or birth certificate, to which we don't have legal access?)

2. If there is no viable way to prove Palin faked, then this must be abandoned. Continuing on with it when it can never be proved is saying more about how shabby and seamy we are than anything else.

3. If there is a viable way to prove Palin faked but this requires gathering information and investigating further, the necessary tasks must be performed. But then the whole emphasis falls on performing these necessary tasks, not in further and wilder speculation.


KaJo said...

I, for one, don't agree with you, Y (Anon @ 1:20 PM).

However, there's one sure way for the situation to be clarified to everyone's satisfaction:

Await the Feds' investigation into 1) Housegate; 2) Arctic-Catgate; 3) Alaska Fund Trustgate -- and ferret out where money from SarahPAC and AFT have gone, as well as the up-front payment for the "Rogue" book.

If the Johnstons were recipients from any of those sources, all sorts of subpoenas could arise out of a subsequent investigation, including subpoenas for medical records and birth certificates.

There's a lot more firm ground in this story than there is in what the "birthers" attacking President Obama have.

(ha, ha, my WV is "claus" -- maybe Palin will get a Christmas present from the FBI!)

Anonymous said...

"There's a lot more firm ground in this story than there is in what the "birthers" attacking President Obama have."

According to you, but of course according to the "birthers" it is exactly the opposite. That's part of what is profoundly disturbing about these speculations, on both sides.


Anonymous said...

Levi Johnston knows the truth. When is he going to tell the full story?

Anonymous said...

Y - the "birthers" don't want to accept the word of the Governor of Hawaii. Is it because she's a woman? She's a Republican. She has verified Pres. Obama's birth certificate. You can see it yourself online at

Palin, though, has verified nothing. Everyone in AK, it seems, took her at her word for lots of things; ask the personnel board about that one. If there's nothing to hide, what's the big deal? Why not just produce the official certificate, like others have done, and be finished with it? I mean, she does believe in efficiency, right? That's why Palin never took a maternity leave or missed a day of work before or after giving birth in 2008.

Anonymous said...

As far as convincing me Palin shows lack of judgment and does things which don't make good sense, you're preaching to the choir. I believe at this point you're preaching to the choir for most Alaskans.

I noticed when Obama's birth certificate was verified it did not stop the "birthers" from believing he was alien. They merely invented new conspiracy theories for how Obama or his crew had forged documents.

I also noticed when Bristol gave birth in December this did not stop the "P-birthers" from believing she couldn't be the mother of Trig. Today, I was amused to see new theories at Palin-Deception concocted to account for how Bristol might yet be mother.

Those theories weren't in evidence last fall when I visited the site. At that time, Bristol was not expected to give birth within the minimum plausible time between the
birth of Trig and Trip. I also notice the new theories contain new batches of problems of plausibility and additional sleeze--for example, the idea of Levi being father of Sarah's baby.

All of that is going to look as demented to "birthers" and others as the "birther" theories look to those who do not have a burning desire to de-legitimate and destroy Obama.


Anonymous said...

Y, here's some reading material.

Anonymous said...

Sarah's book "Going Rogue" now Number One at Barnes & Noble and Number 2 on Amazon.....and it isn't even published until November !!! Suck it up, liberals !!