Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Clarification on Sen. Mark Begich's Stance on the Public Option - "Not Yet" -- Keep Calling Him!!!

It has been now reported at several blogs that Alaska Sen. Mark Begich came out on Saturday on the health care reform matter of the public option, as favoring it. Early this morning, I asked Sen. Begich's office for a clarification, as many thought his statements on this issue to be ambiguous. Here is part of a statement I just received from Sen. Begich's press office:

[U]ntil Senator Begich sees how a public option is proposed to be paid for in the final bill that comes before the Senate, he is not committing to supporting a public option.

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sauerkraut said...

Phil, a bit off-topic, but I am wondering why I have yet to see any Alaskan blogger address the issues raised by Women Who Run With The Wolves as posted here: