Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Harvesting and Getting Ready to Plant

We had a freeze last night. It got down to 25 degrees F, and killed the potato plants. So the potatoes had to come up today.
I also pulled the zucchini, cabbages and few remaining outdoor lettuce plants.
It isn't supposed to freeze tonight, but it is already down to 37 degrees, and the sun just went down.
The carrots, beets , arugula and broccoli will remain in for now.
Friday, I'll till where I already pulled out the green beans, and plant five varieties of garlic.
Here's what I got to see, after I finished my chores.


Blue_in_AK said...

That bottom photo is spectacular, Phil.

Kelly said...

All right, I've had it.

Tell me what drugs your on to get all this stuff done!!! You make me feel lazy.

Casey said...

I picked the last of my tomatoes last night Phil. There was frost on my car windows this morning. I thought hubby was nuts when he told me there would be...but he was right.

If things are normal here...we will have snow within the next 2 or 3 weeks. Now starts the darkness...months and months of darkness. We had an extra cold and long winter last year...hope its not quite as bad this year. We don't really get much snow...well enough that we have to plow, but it gets mighty cold.


jim said...

I stopped growing onions, shallots, and garlic because they get eaten by little white worms. Anybody know of an organic way to control that?

My favorite garden food is fortex pole beans. I always get at least a few, and some years I get bucketfulls of beautiful delicious 10 inch pole beans. I'm surprised more people don't grow them-- they seem to do o.k. in Anchorage. Very cold tolerant. They don't like wind, though.

dallas said...

Are the bulbs available locally? I called around Anchorage for bulbs to plant and no joy.

Philip Munger said...

We order the garlic from Irish Eyes Seeds in Ellensburg, WA.