Saturday, September 26, 2009

Busy Friday Recap

A busy Friday.

I planted five varieties of garlic to over-winter in the garden and practiced trombone this morning and early afternoon. Then I headed into Anchorage for parts of or all of four events.

The first was Sen. Mark Begich's health care forum at Bartlett High School. I had attended Sen. Lisa Murkowski's similar forum at Dimond High School, back in August.
Like Sen. Murkowski's forum event, the security was professional, and the senator's staff was very professional. Unlike Sen. Murkowski's forum, Mark seemed to relish the challenges thrown at him by some of the contentious questioners, selected from the audience. And, unlike Sen. Murkowski's forum, I didn't get the gut feeling that some of the people called upon had been huge Begich contributors.
I had to leave early.

Then I drove by the Anchorage Hilton, to check out the picket line, getting ready for Anchorage mayor Dan Sullivan's farcical anti-union "Unity" dinner.

Then, it was off to UAA, to warm up, and perform in Mickey Belden's memorial concert. The concert was very moving, beyond touching. I wish I had played better. We raised over $2,000.00 for the Mickey Belden Memorial Scholarship Fund.

Then I stopped by the Snow Goose Theater, and caught up on the endings of the post-True Unity Dinner dance. I told Sen. Begich that I thought he had dealt with random audience questions at the health care forum rather well. He admitted that he has more to learn, more to read, more to question on this set of issues, every day. I told him the Alaska bloggers have his back when it comes to the anti-union stuff emerging locally.

After catching up with Diane Benson and some other friends, it was back home to the Valley.

Here's Shannyn Moore, dressed up to deliver the keynote address at the True Diversity Dinner, on MSNBC's Countdown, discussing what ex-Gov. Sarah Palin may or may not have learned about foreign policy over the past twelve months:

Update - Saturday morning: Steve at WhatDoIKnow? has a nice video recap he made at Mickey Belden's memorial concert yesterday evening at UAA. I'm the guy in the middle in the first clip, playing with the UAA Trombone Trio.


Anonymous said...

Oct.20 will decide who Begich works for

Anonymous said...

Don Young to announce he willl not run for re election within six weeks

Don who is still morning the loss of his wife, while battling the FBI has told several close friends he intends to announce he will not run again in six weeks, unless something changes his mind.

Don will be able to take advantage of a grandfather loophole in campaign finance laws that lets him keep any left over campaign funds. This includes the multi million dollar campaign office building which was paid for by campaign donations.

Don, will have both a fat retirement and a multi million dollar building paid for by donations.

The loophole was closed years ago but did not to any previous donations. So Don's Campaign bought a building using previous campaign donations as a down payment and leases it to his campaign which made the payments. Don gets to keep the building, under the old rules.

Funny this fact has been forgotten by the press.

Anonymous said...

Oh noes !!! What happened to all those "progressive" book buyers around the country who were desperate for more anti-conservative hatred?
They let Blumenthal's ode-to-hate drop down to 29 on the NYT best seller list !!! If you didn't spend all your money on Che posters, "Coexist" bumper stickers and ACORN T-shirts this kind of thing wouldn't happen..

Anonymous said...

Love the MSNBC clip. Classic example of liberal snark....another "two-minute hate" fest from a supposed MSM outlet. And this is Alaska's best "progressive" hope - Shannyn Moore ? Jeez, you guys are even more desperate than I imagined.

P.S. Gotta love the MSNBC hack trying to ridicule Palin's foreign policy knowledge and then being unable to pronounce Ahmadinejad's name...what a joke!

And at least Palin roundly condemned Iran's anti-semitic theocracy , which is more than our gutless Boy Wonder-in-chief managed to do (or as the British press now call him ..President Panty-waist).

Anonymous said...

address of the building to verify?

Philip Munger said...

At least Moore, unlike Palin:

1) Writes her own lines

2) Knows WTF she's talking about.

Anonymous said...

"1) Writes her own lines"

Probably not something she should boast about judging by the above MSNBC clip.

2) Knows WTF she's talking about.

Scant evidence of that shown in above clip. But she certainly has that modern liberal combination of snark, bitterness and envy that we've all become so familiar with.

Casey said...

Sarah Palin doesn't have even a bit of the integrity that Shannyn Moore does. Typical red neck...cannot stand a smart and confident woman. You make me laugh.

This is for you anonymous.

Anonymous said...

" Typical red neck"

Typical racist liberal comment.

Casey said...

@anon....well...if the "neck" know how it goes