Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Max Blumenthal on MSNBC's Morning Joe Perplexes Scarborough

Max had all his facts in order. Scarborough looked more and more perplexed during the course of the interview, as he seemed to be realizing something along the lines of, "This kid's here to stay. My party is more screwed up than I can possibly let people know....."

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Kelly said...

OMG! He did fantastic! I love him even more now!!!

Go, Max Go! Spread the word, my friend. Do it for your country!

Thank you, Max.

Dennis Zaki said...

Max was great. Joe tried to knock him down but realized Max is a pundit that actually has the truth on his side.

Polarbear said...

Scarborough did look perplexed. If you have traveled overseas, then you know what it feels like to find yourself in a setting where all the familiar touchstones are missing. At home, you process the language, your surroundings, people's expressions, and your own behavior in a familiar instant. Overseas, all of those touchstones are missing. The language requires a concious effort to process. The surroundings are unfamiliar. You feel conspicuous and slightly out-of-context all the time. All of that is what is happening to Republicans these days, especially the far-right religiosos. They do not understand the new landscape, nor even the political language. Even Joe Scarborough feels it. It is happening here in Alaska, as well. The Alaska business community, especially the mid-sized to larger corporations, do not understand the change. They invoke the name of Ted Stevens at the start of every executive meeting, and then repeat it again at the end, like some kind of benediction. I hear this behavior from meeting-to-meeting across the spectrum, and I have to be quiet, because those business people are seriously pissed off. Now, they have to compete again, without Uncle Ted handing projects to them on a wink and a nod, and they do not understand the terms of competition. So yes, you caught it, Phillip - Joe Scarborough is in culture shock, just like the rest of the Republican Party. They are trying to get their bearings, and it is tough for them.

Anonymous said...

"They are trying to get their bearings, and it is tough for them."

But it's just so much tougher for the Dems and their "progressive" left allies. Unemployment is rising despite the Messiah "saving a million jobs" (ha, ha), Obama has seriously pissed off America's allies and grovelled to America's enemies, Obamacare is in chaos, the Dems' ratings are dropping faster than Obama before the Saudi king,
ACORN has been exposed for the corrupt racket it really is, the White House has been exposed as attempting to use the NEA for propaganda purposes, Obama is about to lose Afghanistan, the grassroots conservative movement is on the march, conservative talk radio and blogs are setting the news agenda and the sad old MSM is left sprawling in it's wake. Wake up and smell the coffee , Polarbear, your Messiah has feet of clay and the tide has turned.

Anonymous said...

Is this it ? Blumenthal spews out Daily Kos talking points...highlights
FOUR people out of over a MILLION at the 9/12 March and whines that "jim Demint said healthcare is Obama's Waterloo" ! And that's the bright new hope for the elitist Left ? He hasn't even got the guts and the honesty to agree that lots of anti-Bush protesters said insane things about Bush (hello PA !). And I love his lie about "I don't hate Republicans..I want to help them".

Seriously, folks this was pretty lame...Mourning Joe did his usual bumbling "the conservative base scares me" spiel while Blumenthal spouted the usual Dem half-truths and moans that politics is dirty.
Shame that Joe didn't bring up Pelosi calling Americans "Nazis" for opposing Obama or Reid calling them "evil-mongers" and that's the top Dems for God's sake not some loons holding a poster at a march...

So really, what was so great about it ? As Obama sinks under the weight of his own ego (what next , special guest appearences on CSI and the Price Is Right ?) are y'all really so desperate that you think
Blumenthal is going to save Hope n' Change ?

Snowing in Alaska said...

Blah blah blah Anon 6:35. The sky is falling, the sky is falling! Let's make some more stuff up, hurry - the sky is really falling!!! Make sure every sentence has ACORN in it! That'll get 'em! Make sure to tell 'em how our little minority is running things, too - those lies are super important!

Like I said, blah blah blah...white noise.

Anonymous said...

"white noise." RAACIST !!!

Which stuff did I "make up" ?

How does using ACORN once become "every sentence ?"

Not quite sure what the rest of your comment meant...try and explain.

I regret having to intrude upon your little hate-fest echo-chamber but as someone who takes exception to seeing Americans called "racists", "Nazis" and "evil-mongers" , I feel I have to point out to you that there are other opinions in this world.

Blue_in_AK said...

Anon, why the hate? We had to go along with you guys for eight horrible years, now you just need to suck it up. You can complain, but the fact is Barack Obama is the president of this country. America, love it or leave it.

Celia Harrison said...

I rarely watch Joe Scarborough because he is dripping with arrogance and that "yes man" female side kick just makes me want to vomit. During an interview it is easy to tell when he becomes perplexed as he starts talking over logical points. Perplexing him is really not so hard to do.

Polarbear said...

Anon 6:35. The problem with your fuss is that it is not to the point, and it does not explain why Republicans are so disoriented. Blumenthals' observations and Phil's comments match what I am seeing in the marketplace every day. You leave us with the sense of just another partisan searching for the right invective, but your flailing actually proves Blumenthal's point. History was the train that rolled past you last November.

Anonymous said...

"now you just need to suck it up. "

So, no attempt to answer any of my points, just a childish taunt. You ask about "hate"...well, was I the one who spewed vile misogynist comments against a female politician ? Was I the one who started throwing around the words "Nazi", "Racist", "Evil-monger" or "teabagger" when describing a huge chunk of the American population? I'm genuinely sorry for you if you think your hatred of those who don't agree with you is somehow "progressive" but there it is.

While I've given up any hope of enjoying an intellectual discussion with the so-called "progressive" Left, it still amuses me that the haters who screamed "Bush=Hitler" for eight years are now wailing that any criticism of Obama is somehow "raaaaacist " . Well, I hate to tell you this but the more that Obama messes up, the more ordinary Americans are going to call him on it. Dissent is patriotic and if you can't bear to see your Messiah called out on his lies, mistakes and inexperience then you are the one who might consider leaving. And don't slam the door when you do....

Anonymous said...

"and it does not explain why Republicans are so disoriented."

Still clinging to the belief that the Republican party is the conservative movement...how quaint. Please keep believing that as Obama's poll numbers keep dropping like acorns from a tree.

But, if the Republicans are so disoriented why is it that the Dem majority who have the votes can't get a Healthcare bill together? Didn't Obama DEMAND it before the August recess ? So what happened to the Dems ? Why is Obama telling Patterson not to run in New York, why are senior Dems calling US citizens "EVIL-MONGERS"? The leftist attempt to destroy America is failing and it has everything to do with grassroots conservatives and little to do with the Republicans. The times are a'changing but y'all still think it's Nov' 2008....

Polarbear said...

Anonymous 10:01 Thank you for making my point. Joe Scarborough thinks the Republican party is the conservative movement, or, at least he did until the conversation with Blumenthal. When presented with Blumenthal's video evidence, Scarborough acknowledged the Republican party is in disarray and disoriented. Your own paragraph, reaching the oh-so-predictable crescendo of the same old demonization is another perfect example. Tom Delay gave it up and went dancing. Perhaps you should follow his example.

Blue_in_AK said...

Look, Anonymous, my point is there's no need for you to be so pissed off. This is American politics. Sometimes the right is in charge, sometimes the not-quite-so-right, but, in any event, we are ALL required to "suck it up" when our person isn't in power. In truth, I've been sucking it up ever since I became politically aware, around about November 1963. We haven't had one president far enough to the left for my satisfaction, but I don't go around on right-wing blogs -- FreeRepublic, C4P, whatever -- and bitch and moan. I don't see what your fascination is with ProgressiveAlaska if all you want to do is come here and tell us we're all wrong. I believe it's you who aren't offering anything constructive here.

If your conservative philosophy was what Americans wanted at this time, we'd have Mike Huckabee or someone like him as our president now. Apparently, that's not what Americans wanted. My guess is Americans wanted even more social change than what they're getting now and that there are just as many disgruntled voters on the left as there are on the right.

But be that as it may, I'm not going anywhere, and I didn't really mean for you to go anywhere either. It's just that I've been hearing that old "Love it or leave it" taunt my entire adult life, and it was just kind of fun to throw it back for a change.

I mean you no ill will.

Anonymous said...

Blue_in_AK , thank you for a thoughtful reply. You make several valid points, some I agree with and, as you'd expect, some I don't.

I certainly agree with you that there are both those on the Left and the Right who are disgruntled with the current political situation. My main beef with PA and several of it's followers are the terms of abuse used here to describe ordinary Americans who just happen to be conservative. I have good friends and family who have attended Townhall debates and have genuine reservations about the direction the current administration is heading. They are good, decent people and to see them described as "racists", "Nazis" , "crazies", "terrorists" and "teabaggers" is hard for me not to react to.

Of course there are lunatics on the right, just as there are on the Left, but I would never dream of calling my liberal friends "terrorists" or "crazies" just because we view politics differently. In fact as someone who strongly believes in protecting our environment I often disagree with other conservatives and , amazingly, find myself nodding in agreement to PA's posts on the plight of Alaska's native people and the fight to preserve Alaska's natural habitat.

But then I read another hate-filled rant against Sarah Palin and conservative "crazies" and I wonder where all the bitterness comes from. This is not the idea of "progressive" I grew up with. The demonization of fellow Americans just because they don't share an ideology is what upsets me and keeps me returning here to defend people I know and respect.

I hope that makes sense and I wish you to know I mean you no ill will either.

Blue_in_AK said...

And thank YOU for a reasoned reply, Anonymous. See, we CAN talk to each other. :)