Saturday, September 19, 2009

Rick Sanchez Takes FOX Lies About CNN Seriously

hat tip to Gryph


Anonymous said...

Well done, Rick Sanchez, and even more well done, Messrs. Gryphen and Munger for widening understanding by providing the publicity on this charade!
ClusterFox, as Mr Olbermann calls this abomination which terms itself a news channel, needs to be called out each and every time lies are spouted.
My fervent hope from the diagonal:
Power to Truth!

Anonymous said...

This is off topic and I appologize.

Rudy through AK Voices in the ADN has a very good piece today.

Anonymous said...

CNN calling Fox News liars...oh, the irony ! Poor old Sanchez , he's getting wiped out in the ratings war by Fox and this is the best he can come up with.

And sad to see that a newscaster bitching about a much more successful news service then his own is worth a post.

Still with ACORN on the brink of collapse, Obama betraying the Poles and Czechs, Obamacare stuck in a quagmire, unemployment up in 42 states (some at record levels), the Democrats reduced to screeching "waaacism" in every news conference and the whole liberal news media reduced to tagging along behind two amateur reporters, I guess that's the best we can hope for.

Anonymous said...

I guess CNN must be really struggling
if they're reduced to devoting six minutes to this storm in a tea cup. And what a self-righteous, pompous prig Sanchez sounds as he spouts off about "...this is an offense to my craft!"
Being a hack for a mega-corporation and a mouth-piece for the Democratic Party is a craft !! Gimme a break.

AKjah said...

Phil. I am sorry but i support Alaska bloggers. I dont make enough to support some one who has a book to sell. We are struggling to sell what we can as it is. I am going to buy his book aint that support enough? Bob.