Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Media Wars Good News and the Bad News - Helen Thomas vs. Jonah Goldberg

The good news is that the doyen of the Washington DC press corps, Helen Thomas has sent out a prep list for people who will attend an upcoming lecture she will give at the University of Wisconsin. Topping it (in alphabetical order, by author) is Eric Boehlert's recent book, Bloggers on the Bus, that devotes chapter thirteen to how our Alaska bloggers helped to accurately describe the Crazy Woman last year, to a curious world:
The bad news is that at tonight's University of Alaska Anchorage talk given by Jonah Goldberg, called "The Media is Dead, Long Live the Media," he got his biggest laugh, by a wide margin, as he described the caning on the U.S. Senate floor in 1856, of U. S. Senator, Charles Sumner.

The disgusting part of this was a combination of three things:

1) Goldberg knew a lot about the incident.

2) The audience probably didn't.

3) But Goldberg's gestures of somewhat minimally, but actively and gleefully re-enacting the caning of Sumner with downward thrusts of his arms, as if holding a bat or cane, aimed at an object on the floor, drew open guffaws and full belly laughs. The reaction obviously excited Goldberg.
Jonah Goldberg, an intensely dishonest man, trying out his newest stick schtick, on the dullard Alaskans he most likely falsely claimed to like?

hat tip - AK Muckraker


Anonymous said...

Oh I imagine it was an enlightening night. What a jerk.

nswfm CA said...

If he thinks the media is dead, I hope the LA Times kicks Goldberg out then.

What an ass. And the audience, what morons.

Anonymous said...

another asshole Zionist chickenhawk