Saturday, September 5, 2009

President George H. W. Bush Addressing the School Children of the USA on TV


Anonymous said...

Old news. Did Bush spend the summer of 1992 calling anyone who opposed his plans "Terrorists" ? Perhaps those whom the White House has called that this summer (i.e. those who oppose Obamacare) don't want Obama lecturing their kids. Keep politics out of the classroom who ever is president.

Let's be blunt said...

Anon, too bad you can't admit the racism and sheer ignorance behind your protest. You folks ARE terrorists. You show up at rallies with guns and threaten people. A Palin fan killed someone this summer at the Holocaust Museum. Threats against the president have escalated 400% due to those who don't understand that the Civil War ended in the 19th century.

Anon, I'm wiling to bet that you make less than $250,000 a year and have friends without health insurance. And yet, you let a corporation control you and your viewpoints. Watch FOX "news"? Do you work for United Healthcare? Or is it an oil company? Oh, yeah. They are totally watching out for you, your pocketbook, your pills and your "America."

Anonymous said...

"You folks ARE terrorists. You show up at rallies with guns and threaten people."

And this is why the "progressive" Left is sinking into a fever swamp of hatred. "Blunt" above says that ALL those American citizens who have concerns about Obamacare are TERRORISTS. If, as opinion polls report, at least half of the US population oppose Obamacare does that make 150 MILLION US citizens TERRORISTS ??? I realize liberals don't often get a chance to read outside the state-controlled media but out of the hundreds of thousands who have attended rallies against Obamacare this summer, the number of misguided people bringing guns to those events has numbered in the dozen or so. AS for violence, that seems to have come from the few hysterical Obama supporters who couldn't control their emotions. Finally, if "Blunt" truly believes all those of us who oppose Obama's "post-partisan" policies are actually "TERRORISTS" does this mean he is calling for a CIVIL WAR against us ??

Anonymous said...

Can't we all just get along? I've just heard the shocking news that that nice, middle-of-the-road Green Czar, Van Jones, has resigned in the middle-of-the-night on Labor Day Weekend for no good reason. What has happened to this country when a White House-vetted, post-racial, post-partisan, America-loving moderate like Mr.Jones can no longer control a $30 BILLION green jobs budget ? And why didn't the New York Times or CNN warn us that this was in the pipeline?

Let's Be Blunt said...

Anon@9:29 a.m. - History and facts scare you. That's obvious; otherwise, why dismiss Bush's address of schoolchildren as "old news." No. It's called "history."

These "non-violent" meetings you are talking about are on film. The proof is in the footage. Where were your guns during protests during the 8 Bush years? Why now? It's because you "non-progressives" can't stand it that an African-American is president.

Rational discussion and dissent is American. Racial threats, murder, and violence are un-American.

The Healthcare Reform bill will HELP you and/or your friends and family who are uninsured. FOX has riled you up so much that you can't see your own interests in the debate. It's sad.

Anonymous said...

"The proof is in the footage."

Yes, exactly. The footage of pro-Obama SEIU thugs beating up a black man who was selling "Don't Tread On Me" flags. The footage of an Obama supporter elbowing an Anti-Obamacare person in the face. The Obamacare loon who bit the finger of a 65 year old man he had picked a fight with.

"It's because you "non-progressives" can't stand it that an African-American is president. "

Whenever a Leftist starts losing an argument they scream "racist". So predictable and so lame. People would disagree with Obama's ill-conceived statist policies if he was green , blue or covered in polka dots. Do try and move out of the 1960s maaan.

"Racial threats, murder, and violence are un-American. "

Strange, I thought that's exactly what you Leftists thought WERE American. Anyway, we have Obama's mentor the REv Wright and the Philly Black Panthers at the last election for the racial threats and Obama's good friend Bill Ayers for the murder and violence. And don't forget that Bill Ayers dedicated one of his books to the killer of Bobby Kennedy. Didn't know that did you ? See, there's a whole big world out there beyond the NYT and MSNBC.

"FOX has riled you up so much"

Sadly for your argument I have probably only watched three hours of Fox in the last five years. Why are your points so cliched...they're the same hackneyed attacks the Left always uses when they can't use facts...."racist", "Fox News", "crazy"...YAWN.

"The Healthcare Reform bill will HELP you"

This IS NOT A FACT it is merely your humble opinion. Have you read ALL 1,000 pages of the bill ? Can you tell me how this will be financed ? This country is already in the worst debt of it's history who pays for this enormous change ? If you leftists are so keen on "rational discussion" why did Obama try and rush this bill through before the August recess when no-one had actually read the whole thing ? What happened to debate and transparency ?

I and many of my friends are already happy with our healthcare and having seen the mess that Democrat control has made of California and other states, I dread to think what they will do to Healthcare. And until a curb on the greed of malpractice trial lawyers is included in this bill (which it won't be because they are a vested interest who contributed millions to Obama's campaign) it will not be a real attempt at reform.

What is truly SAD is that all of these legitimate concerns and many others that US citizens have about a massive bill that will effect 20% of the economy are dismissed by leftist zealots as "racist". "Dissent is patriotic "as you Leftists screamed while attacking the US Military for the last eight now it's our turn to dissent you just have to suck it up.

Let's be blunt said...

Anon@11:29 - Calm down. FOX/RUSH talking points and buzzwords: "Obamacare" and "Democrat" instead of "Democratic" give you away. You are using the corporate Murdoch talking points.

Please list the policies of politicians currently in office and the remedies they provide for the problems of the country that you support. What are your remedies? Who are the policy-makers who support your remedies?

We're waiting to hear, so we can have an intellectual policy discussion that will move our great nation forward in this time of crisis due to 8 years of the Bush administration.

Anonymous said...

Hey "blunt" , nice to hear you want a discussion with an un-American terrorist....very big of you. Funny, too , that you advise anon @11.29 to "calm down" after you have have accused half of the country of being "racist" and "violent". Where was the calmness in that little outburst.

As for these "corporate Murdoch talking points" that you picked up from Daily Kos,can you explain to us how Murdoch indoctrinates Americans so easily ? After all it wasn't the anti-Obamacare protestors who were being bussed in for Townhall meetings. You really are clueless as to what is happening in America right now aren't you ? You have no idea that Republican talking heads as well as Democrats are being exposed as aloof elitists who believe they have a right to govern. While the old liberal media starts to circle the wagons to protect their Obama, more and more of us are discovering the truth about people like Van Jones and their radical agenda. Cling to your establishment smears about "racists", "terrorists", "crazies" and "Faux News" but time is running out on the status quo and the baby boomers who are desperately trying to defend it. Deal with the corruption of the Rangels, Murthas and Dodds and then we might trust the Left when it whines about "reform".

Let's be blunt said...

@2:18 - still waiting to hear which politicians currently in office have remedies and solutions for the nation which you support....What are your policy solutions?

Anonymous said...

Hi, "blunt". I agree with your comment that those opposing Obamacare are indeed "TERRORISTS". The question is what to do with them all. Obviously as "evil-mongers" (quote from Harry Reid) and "Nazis" (quote from Nancy Pelosi) as well, something needs to be done about these threats to our nation. What do you propose, "blunt" ?

Now, those on the right propose that islamic terrorists should be bought to justice and imprisoned. This sounds a trifle difficult when talking about tens of millions of American "terrorists".
I therefore propose that when it comes to dealing with these domestic "TERRORISTS" we should take a page from the "progressive" handbook on dealing with islamic terrorists. First, we should not condemn the anti-Obamacare "terrorists" , rather we should ask "why do they hate this bill" and try and get to the root causes of their anger. We should realize that they are only "terrorists" because they have been wronged and feel desperate. As with islamic terrorists the Left should try to understand the domestic terrorists and reach out to them. Rather then slander them we should try and engage with them. Do you agree, "Blunt". To do nothing about these domestic terrorists would be a crime wouldn't it ?

Let's Be Blunt said...

Still waiting for a policy discussion here on why President Obama's speech is so detrimental, esp. now that the contents have been distributed for all to see...

Anonymous said...