Wednesday, September 9, 2009

KTUU Covers the Three Top Democratic Party 2010 AK Governor Candidates

No mention of Rob Rosenfeld. But a decent TV report by Rhonda McBride.

I'd like to see Ivan Moore's influence on Ethan Berkowitz begin to wane real soon. Ivan, who is quoted in the article, has proven to be a hindrance to public understanding of and empathy toward Ethan in the past. More on that soon.

And I was tempted not to show this clip, which includes footage of publicly proven liar Mark Colavecchio, interviewing Ethan Berkowitz.


Great Hammond's Ghost said...

It is a shame that being married to a successful woman can drive some men over the edge.

Mara Kimmel is a strong woman who has done so much for Alaska.

Ethan on the other hand is a weak man who has done nothing but try to fill his own ego, only to be repeatedly rejected by his friends, neighbors, and fellow Alaskans every other November.

If Ethan looks to his wife as a role model, then maybe he can finally make something out of himself.

Anonymous said...

Time for Berkowitz to hang it up. He proved his "weenie-hood" during the congressional race. I'd prefer Sean Parnell as governor any day. And I'm not even a Republican.

jim said...

I think any of the democratic candidates would make good governors, including Ethan. I like Mara an Ethan. When Representative Berkowitz challenged Allen's handing written messages from the public area to legislators on the floor, that was a great moment in the history of our State. Representative Berkowitz was the one who stood up and challenged that crap. Perhaps someone else would have, but he's the one who did.

How quickly we forget.

Joe W said...


How quickly we -do- forget.

Lest we forget, Ethan previously got into bed with Pete Kott, for heaven's sake!

Ethan only grandstanded when everyone in Juneau knew something big was up. For years he said nothing. Only when rumor control said that something huge was about to go down did Ethan get up and in his best Captain Renault voice say how shocked, shocked he was at the goings on.

Ethan has always served only Ethan.

jim said...


I got to get to know Ethan and Mara a bit last winter. They're good people. Thanks for your perspective, but I'll go with my instinct on this one.

Anonymous said...

Game On.


Anonymous said...

Hmm, still Berkowitz was the only one who did stand up. No one else noticed something going on? So Berkowitz said something and thats a bad thing? What am I missing?

faroutfishing said...

Joe W., it is best to speak only of things you KNOW. I was around during the Pete Kott days - before he had started his plotting with Bill Allen for his job in Bermuda. I will never say that Kott was clean, but I will always stand by the professionalism that I saw from Ethan Berkowitz.

Ethan spoke on the House floor many times in his years in the House - stood up for the average Alaskan on many a day and was shut down by the Republican majority. He connected with Kott only because he knew that Kott could bring common sense to the majority if needed. Yes, there were things they would never have agreed on - it only takes some time to listen to the public tapes to figure it out.

Kott saw his demise coming - Ethan stayed true to his word by standing up to the majority and standing up for the people of Alaska. Ethan's credibility was never in jeopardy.

Ethan's heart is in the state of Alaska. He loves his family and wants to make Alaska all that it was meant to be.

You should spend some time listening to the recorded sessions on the legislative website or simply talk to him yourself. I believe in this man with all of my heart, and I bet, if you spent some time getting to know him and what he stands for, you would too.

Joe W said...


Your passion is admirable, but I think the past two statewide elections (and particularly the last one) have made it clear that Alaskans aren't buying what Ethan Berkowitz is selling.

I've met the man multiple times. He is smart but he is arrogant. He clearly has a lot of respect for himself and thinks everyone else should, too.

He has this paternal way about him that turns people like me off who already have a dad and are simply looking for someone to represent them in government.

The man had his chance ten months ago and was thumped by the biggest sleaze in Congress. If you are still on good terms with Ethan, stick a fork in him: he's done.

PS: If I can still remember that old Empire photo that ran on the front page of Ethan hugging Pete Kott, then you can bet someone else can, too.

jim said...

Joe W:

Wow, you really don't like Berkowitz. You're entitled to your opinion.