Monday, September 28, 2009

Mat-Su Borough Election - PA Endorsements Part Two

Borough Mayor: Either write in someone you believe in (I'm writing in Katie Hurley), vote for John Leiner, or skip the box. I wrote earlier today about why I feel Talis Colberg is totally unfit. Since then, I've found out even more that disqualifies him. more on that later.

Assembly District 3: Michelle Church. Re-elect Michelle. She has proven herself to be a listener who cares about the long-term survival of homeowners, kids, seniors, our schools and is helping our community grow.

Assembly District 6: Jim Colver. Rob Wells was interesting at the Mat-Su Democrats' candidate forum, which Jim couldn't attend. I've sometimes disagreed with Jim, but like Michelle, he has the Borough's residents' long-term interest at heart, and he works very hard at the elected positions he has held.

School Board Seat A: Adam Boyd. Adam has proven himself, over the years, to be solidly pro-union. He has never let that get in the way of larger responsibilities, though. Opponent Dunleavy was closely scrutinized this past week in an article at The Alaska Report and elsewhere. If you had been considering voting for Mike, you should read the excellent article there, by Susan B. Andrews and John Creed.

School Board Seat B: Sarah Welton. Sarah did well at the Mat-Su Democrats candidate forum, and has been endorsed by the Mat-Su Educators Association.

School Board Seat E: Erick Cordero. Erick has worked harder on local issues than anyone I have witnessed in Valley office in years. Erick is fairly progressive, but he can craft a workable compromise in very hostile conditions, fixes problems, and listens to constituents. He is easily the most qualified candidate for this seat.

Even if you don't accept these endorsements, please - VOTE NEXT TUESDAY!

image - new Mat-Su Borough promotional poster.

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Dan & Gwen Heynen said...

Thanks Phil,
Many of them look good on paper, but it's great to get endorsements from a long time, knowledgeable, valley resident with priorities similar to ours.