Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Beck, O'Reilly, Hannity - All Get Punked

Last night at UAA, I seem to recall Jonah Goldberg saying that what happened to Dan Rather - poor story vetting - couldn't happen at FOX.....

Will Beck be held to the Dan Rather Standard on this? Somehow, I doubt it.

And how about this FOX reporter (at least she is somewhat skeptical):


Anonymous said...

Ha, ha, ha ! Is this REALLY the best the left can come up with ? So the San Berdoo woman is a nut - 'cos sane people (with restraining orders against them) often boast about killing their husbands ......great people ACORN have staffing their offices. But no-one denies she gave advice on how to run a brothel and what about the other four ACORN offices captured giving advice on smuggling UNDER-AGE Salvadorean girls into the US ? Hey, PA lets see those videos...were all those ACORN officials "acting" too ?

Makes you wonder why ACORN fired them all doesn't it ...I mean if they were just acting an' all.
Also, makes you wonder why ACORN got canned from the Census job if they were just acting. No, the shake-down merchants at ACORN got pwn'd BIG TIME and we all know this reaches to the top. Latest news is that the ACORN crooks have offered to investigate can't make this stuff up. Good to see the left finally noticing what's being going on in the real world for the last week though (despite the elitist Leftist media ignoring it for six days).

Anonymous said...

Maryland, Washington, Baltimore, San Bernardino, San Diego....the ACORNs keep falling ! Is this how our tax dollars should be spent ?

Anonymous said...

Why did ACORN just announce they are doing an "independent " review of themselves if FOX got punked ?

Anonymous said...

Hey anon,
Fox has spent days and days on Acorn, and this is the best THEY could do??? Because if we want to worry about corrupt organizations, we just have to look to Blackwater, Halliburton, and all the others. Halliburton electrocuted and KILLED our soldiers with their shoddy work. They have also made billions on these contracts, which have been renewed no matter how poorly done the work has been AND after the fact that they caused soldier deaths has been known. The money gone to Acorn over the past 15 years is peanuts compared to these crooked contractors.
How about Bush's Department of the Interior having sex and snorting meth with lobbyists at the Department's offices?
In the one video, the supposed prostitute is advised to bury money to hide it from the pimp, and PROPERLY advised to pay taxes. With a vicious pimp, even the vice cops cannot easily help these girls. I have seen documentaries in which the undercover vice cops give the prostitute just that advice the Acorn employee gave: save out money and bury it. They know that if they just arrest the girl, that she will be out and back with the pimp the next day. So to actually help these girls to get away, this was what the vice cops were telling the girls to do as part of a longer range plan to enable them to escape the pimps and get out of prostitution for good.
Unfortunately, it was clear that the people pulling this supposed journalistic stunt could care less about the real victims of underage prostition and the complex problem it actually is.No, they just wanted to try to make Acorn look bad.
I notice Fox always shows tape over and over of shouting black protestors when they have their daily Acorn coverage. Why don't they ever show the white people who have organized under Acorn? I was a member of Acorn 6 or 7 years ago. Acorn organizers came to our neighborhood, asked us what our biggest issue was, and helped us to tackle it. The issue we selected was price gouging on utility bills. Our group was all white, of all ages. We protested the bills - these same bills that later on energy traders were caught gloating about taking the money from Grandma with their price manipulation. A good cause, but I think it is clear that protesting white people who are being helped by Acorn on such an issue doesn't work for the storyline Beck and Hannity want to portray.
Beck has NO journalistic credentials. No wonder he didn't check his facts.
What do you care more about: FAKE issues with Acorn, or our own soldiers killed by contractors that we just reward with more billions. Pay attention, anon. YOU are the one who is being punked, as Fox rots your mind with fake news.

Philip Munger said...

anon @ 10:20 - good points.

The previous anon seems to feel Beck is immune to the Rather standard, eh?

Anonymous said...

"Unfortunately, it was clear that the people pulling this supposed journalistic stunt could care less about the real victims of underage prostition and the complex problem it actually is."

This is beyond parody. Five ACORN offices offered to help a pimp in his plans to bring a dozen 15-year-old girls from El Salvador into this country as sex slaves and the Left is defending that !!!!!
ACORN is a shakedown racket that helped bring on the economic meltdown last year with the tens of thousands of bad loans it arranged for low income families. Why should the US tax-payers fund these crooks ?

Anonymous said...

So this is the new standard for the caring left...importing teenage girls for a life of prostitution. How "progressive", how "radical", how "feminist" . How much lower can the Left sink ?

Anonymous said...

This is anon 10:20 again. I thought if I came back here I would see just this sort of thing:

1) Claims from you anons that Acorn supposedly is all about encouraging sexual slavery of underage teens,

2) that "the Left", which apparently I now represent by virtue of pointing out some of the problems with the conclusions being drawn from cherry picked segments of these tapes, is supposedly in favor of importing teenage girls to serve as prostitutes.

How wrong you are... I am absolutely opposed to sexual slavery of any kind, and I am sure you can actually realize that. I am not defending sexual slavery or trafficking or underage prostitution.

Have you seen the entire unedited tapes, all of them? Have you volunteered, any of you, to try to help the victims of sex trafficking in the neighborhoods where they live? It's easy, right? That's why we eliminated the problem long ago. Yeah, right...

So how about yet again, the fact that the Bush administration continued to keep defense contractors DynCorp in good standing and awarded it further lucrative contracts, despite it being revealed some DynCorp employees were sexually enslaving teen girls and committing rape and other crimes at their station in Eastern Europe.

Or how about the female employee of Halliburton/KBR, who was brutally raped by coworkers in Iraq, and when she reported this, was locked in a storage unit and told she would lose her job if she complained. She was just one of many women raped or harassed while employed by KBR in Iraq.

But these women do not even get to give evidence in open court, because agreements in their employment contracts required employee claims against the employer to be first submitted to arbitration. Yes, even rape was not allowed to be charged in open court. Dick Cheney's old company could even hide raping it's own employees behind an arbitration clause.

Again, Halliburton/KBR have gotten BILLIONS in contracts and continued to receive these contracts despite these known problems.
Here's just one story about the environment that has been allowed to persist as these contractors collect BILLIONS in tax dollars:

So NO, I am not defending sex trafficking or underage prostitution. What I am doing is calling you cons out on your sudden concern for NON EXISTENT VICTIMS and stupid things said by Acorn employees, an organization that has collected $50 Million over 15 years, and wonder why I don't see you foaming at the mouth with the same outrage over REAL victims who were ACTUALLY RAPED by the employees of defense contractors with close ties to Bush and Cheney, who have been paid BILLIONS per year. The Bush/Cheney admin also made no effort to see criminal prosecutions in these cases despite Bush's supposed zero-tolerance policy against trafficking.

Here's what I am comparing: Acorn employees giving stupid advice, no actual REAL victims, just stupid advice to ACTORS trying to get employees to say stupid things. This organization helps poor people, and gets Millions, with an "M", of our tax dollars.

Then we have the organizations whose employees have actually RAPED and SEXUALLY ENSLAVED both female employees, as well as underage girls, living in the areas of the duty stations in Eastern Europe and Iraq. These companies make BILLIONS in our tax dollars. We don't get to see any hidden camera tapes of this stuff, we don't even get to see the court testimony, because THESE criminal contractors get to hide behind arbitration. Most likely any settlements won by the victims require their silence.

It is interesting to see what gets you Fox fans more upset:
Millions to organizations for poor people where the crime is some employees saying stupid things to people who are ACTORS telling an untrue STORY


Billions to organizations ran by rich people well-connected to Bush and Cheney, whose employees have committed actual rape and sexually enslaved people.

Anonymous said...

"Millions to organizations for poor people where the crime is some employees saying stupid things to people who are ACTORS telling an untrue STORY"

No the crime is that ACORN employees were willing to encourage tax-evasion despite their "partnership" with the IRS, and were willing to abet a crime against underage girls because at the time the ACORN people DIDN'T KNOW the reporters were actors. This is on top of the voter registration fraud that dozens of ACORN employees have been arrested for over the years. The organization is crooked and corrupt from top to bottom and the American people are fiding out the truth. Get your buddy Soros to fund it but this criminal enterprise should be cut off from ANY government money.

"I am not defending sexual slavery or trafficking or underage prostitution."

Except when ACORN do it, so save your crocodile tears .

Anonymous said...

Oh noes !! Those raacist Dems in the House just voted to cut off funding to ACORN !!! So, who got punked ???

Anonymous said...

My "buddy Soros" - lol.

However you want to twist it, Acorn is not "doing it" ie sexual slavery, trafficking, or underage prostitution.

There have been people all over the country, working for organizations on both sides of the aisle, charged with voter REGISTRATION fraud, or in other cases, fraudulent signatures to put initiatives on the ballot.

Oregon had a problem with this some years back when a prominent anti-tax activist was paying signature gatherers. When paying by the signature you are going to have this problem, which is why I opposed paid signature gathering.

If you really want to steal an election, you need people actually committing VOTING fraud. You do know the difference? Or best of all, make sure to OWN the electronic voting machines, and don't let them be tested in any meaningful way, or have a paper trail.

You are the one with the crocodile tears, at least if you are pretending to be concerned about girls supposedly victimized by Acorn, but can't even be bothered to make note of the other cases I mentioned.

Again, what about those defense contractors and how their employees actually DID rape and sexually enslave women and girls?

Your argument would be a lot stronger if you would admit those facts and demand that the contractors in question ie THOSE "criminal enterprise(s) should be cut off from ANY government money."

And that goes for Blackwater too, who have also been involved in criminal acts and continue to cash in big from our tax dollars.

I want corrupt Acorn employees canned, charged if they commit crimes, and I want contractors who rape charged under criminal law, not hiding behind arbitration.

Defense contractors who have made a practice of breaking the law should be barred from all federal contracts. You'd support that if you really wanted to save us tax money.

And maybe I saw the wrong tape regarding tax evasion. The IRS doesn't care what you call yourself, as long as they get paid. And people are allowed to write off business expenses. If you are claiming tax evasion because the Acorn told the person TO PAY TAXES, but to deduct expenses, well, you could do a little better than that...

I think your side is desperate if the best you can do is focus on this Acorn candid camera stuff.

Check out some of the footage of Sarah Palin's church if you really want to see some scary footage. If you are not scared by having a Vice Presidential candidate being a member of a group who wants to convert this country to a theocracy, then there is no help for you.

I'm betting that anyone with a hidden camera and a convincing good ol' boy act could go to any of a number of right wing organizations and come up with some crimes a lot worse than this being discussed. Treason, etc

Oh, and I just saw that last about the Dems cutting off funds from Acorn. YOU fools, that is the way it is supposed to work! Why am I not surprised that it is the Democrats who actually take action when it is needed? Well, at least sometimes they do - I'd like to see a lot more of it.

Contrast that to the Republicans. They let the defense contractors steal from us for years. Bush and Co. is the one who let this country go in the dumper economically.

Next I hope the Dems go after the big fish I have previously mentioned.

Anonymous said...

"If you are not scared by having a Vice Presidential candidate being a member of a group who wants to convert this country to a theocracy, then there is no help for you."

I don't need your help because I'm more scared of a President who spent twenty years in a "church" that preached hatred of white people, Jews and America and were admirers of the Nation of Islam who demand that the whole world should be a theoracy.

"And maybe I saw the wrong tape regarding tax evasion."

They are five tapes now,,,maybe do some homework and think outside your liberal echo chamber before coming on so self-righteous?

Anonymous said...

And a fitting conclusion to this post...seems PA was the one punked by this story. Turns out the Soros-funded hacks from Media Matters
edited the Beck video to smear him...This from the "wizbang" blog site

" When I watched the video Media Matters ran I immediately knew what was up because they chopped Beck’s commentary to bits and curiously left out the part of it that completely contradicts their claim. I looked for the Beck video at YouTube to make sure I was not misremembering his commentary and here is a transcript of what I found.

Glenn Beck: “This is twisted, bizarre, macabre. I mean, is this theater? I’m not a lawyer. I’m not a jury. Um, but gosh even to me it seems like this is a potential admission of murder and the way she was describing doing some groundwork beforehand, you know so everyone in town knew exactly what was going on, a case might be made for premeditated murder. In fairness, I don’t understand people who stay in abusive relationships. I don’t. I get it. I get it. And maybe a jury might conclude that it was justifiable homicide. I don't know but we haven’t been even able to confirm from the state of California whether Theresa’s husband from ten years ago was killed. Or if he’s dead. Or if she even had a husband. Did she make the story up? I don’t know. Nobody is asking questions. See if the mainstream media will follow this one. This is shocking. It raises serious questions about what is going on inside of ACORN.”

I italicized the portion of the commentary Media Matters provided to their readers in the mishmash video they put together. The parts they omitted are not italicized. I put in bold the part of Beck’s comments that directly contradict Media Matters post."

Another "progressive" smear bites the dust....