Saturday, August 16, 2008

Stevens Becomes Enmeshed in a Tubular Labyrinth

St. Ted's attorneys, having asked for a speedy trial, to be held before the November election, have gotten what they asked for. And then some. Even before Thursday's new Department of Justice Florida property disclosures, Ted's attorneys were crying "No mas, no mas!"

There's a lot of stuff to be going through, to say the least. I'm hoping that my favorite Alaskan investigative reporter, Richard Mauer, will be coming out with something that looks further into these two details, that emerged at Talking Points Memo Muckraker on Friday. They're going through the e-mails that are part of the government's evidence, and found these two nuggets:

By mid-May 2007, Stevens learned that Person A had been subpoenaed to testify before a grand jury in D.C. On May 17, 2007, Stevens sent Person A two emails that discussed Person A's upcoming grand jury testimony. In the first email, Stevens told Person A that "I hope we can work something out to make sure you aren't led astray on this occasion."

In the second, Stevens was more explicit: "don't answer questions you don't KNOW the answers to."

and this one:

On September 1, 2006, defendant Stevens sent two emails to Person A, asking if Stevens' house had been searched in connection with the Allen/VECO investigation. At 3:49 a.m. on September 1, 2006, Stevens wrote Person A: "press releases say the FBI served a warrant in Girdwood??? Did they hit our house? T."

At 5:33 p.m. later that day, Stevens again wrote: "Have you been by the Chalet? Teds"

From these, we can determine two things, at the very least - Ted knows how to intimidate a witness without "crossing the line." And he knows how to e-mail, which may surprise some.

My predictions at this point:

1) This trial will not be over before the November election. There is too much, way too much detail emerging.

2) More details, possibly more directly related arrests, will emerge this coming week.

3) Support for Ted in Alaska will begin to crash during early September.


Polarbear said...

The prosecutors sent the Stevens defense team a clear message: "Everytime you file a motion to dismiss, we are going to file more charges and evidence."

To me, the voters seem on overload after this last round, with Stevens, Palin, Ward, and Kopp all added to the growing list of Republican public figures who profess public interest and practice self interest. Don Young has even fallen back to, "Sure, I'm a bandit, ...but I am YOUR bandit."

Anonymous said...

Like the forced labor wouldn't have been enough for his supporters to balk at Young. Still, they have either him or Parnell. At least Young has a purpose.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully both Stevens and Young lose in the primary, or we are in trouble.

Anonymous said...

I don't mind if Stevens loses to Cuddy-- I like Cuddy, who is more of an independent. (Phil! Your views please!) I have a feeling that Mark has it already.

I hope that Parnell doesn't win-- he just annoys me to no end and I want to see Don beat him, like he beat his daddy. Another month of Parnell ads is nauseating. I also think Diane will do well against him and hope she gets in. I'm not sure I am ready for Lisa to be our senior senator in DC, though.

Anonymous said...

Wait until they start finding the bodies.

Too bad some enterprising reporter or blogger doesn't get the Trooper Report from January 28th and interview the Trooper who filed it.

Then talk to the family.

Jean said...

The trial doesn't have to be over before the November election; just in time for a presidential pardon will do.

I'm hoping your prediction about his support crashing next month is accurate, sure would be nice to have an Alaskan democrat in DC.

mudflats said...

And with 67,000 pages, I'm sure we'll be treated to more goodies like these. Can't imagine that Person A is the only one who got a phone call. The FBI has been talking to a lot of people closely connected with Ted. I'm waiting for the rest of the closet of shoes to fall.