Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Steve Heimel -- Perfect Gentleman ---- Ted Stevens -- His Time IS Over

Alaska Public Radio has posted Steve Heimel's Talk of Alaska interview and call-in program with Sen. Ted Stevens. The program aired live across Alaska this morning. I missed it, so I'm just finishing up a listen.

Heimel's introduction must have been tough for him to make. He was both firm and respectful toward St. Ted, as he layed out what Stevens is up against - his toughest race ever, and he's going to criminal court in weeks.

At times Sen. Stevens was brilliant. In the first fifteen minutes he was able to lay out details on his agenda and the current state of the national legislature.

Sen. Stevens faded more and more through the interview into various modalities that speak so loudly and clearly toward the necessity that he leave public life immediately.

He did worse with the calls, almost losing his temper twice three times four times.

Environmental issues wonk, and perhaps an iconic figure in Alaska, Deborah Williams, who St. Ted indirectly dissed early in the program, called in late, and took way, way, way, WAY too long framing a question Ted drove his big truck over.

His stuttering needs to be evaluated by a speech pathologist who understands aging issues. Ted's issues, not Steve's.

Congratulations for making Alaska journalism history, Steve! What a rich piece of Alaskana you dealt with today.

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