Tuesday, August 26, 2008

More on DNC Coverage

Fairbanks Mayor and somewhat sane Republican, Jim Whittaker, gave a speech this afternoon on Obama. The image at left is from Celtic Diva's Blue Oasis. An Alaskan Abroad's Robert Dillon - now back on the web after a changeover from one server to another - has the text:

Good evening! We are Americans first, not Democrats, not Republicans. I stand before you as a father, a husband, a mayor, an Alaskan, a registered Republican—but first and foremost, as an American.

I am not here to speak against Senator McCain. I am here to endorse Barack Obama for the presidency of the United States of America because I am an American first. And as Americans, each of us has one precious vote—and a responsibility to cast that vote for the candidate we believe will best meet America’s challenges and seize America’s opportunities.

I will be casting mine for the candidate who possesses a keen intellect, a pragmatic idealism and a resulting wisdom which is sorely needed in America today. I will be casting my vote for Barack Obama.

We, Americans, must have a foreign policy based on strength, logic and sound judgment. We will get that from Barack Obama.

We, Americans, must have economic policies based on what’s best for hard working families—not lobbyists, or special interests, or just the very wealthy—but for the vast majority of our people. We will get that from Barack Obama.

We, Americans, must have an energy policy which leads us to energy independence and stability. We will get that from Barack Obama.

This cornerstone of our economic security and national security cannot be left to shifts in the market or the whims of hostile dictators. America’s energy policy must be based on self reliance and the resources we have right here at home: from domestically produced natural gas, including liquefied natural gas from Alaska, to biomass, wind and solar—renewable, alternative energy sources, American energy sources.

In the end, I’m here tonight because I know the change we need requires a leader with a steely resolve, a powerful vision for our future and a passion for helping working people. The man you will nominate tomorrow is that leader−America’s next great president, Barack Obama.

Fairbanks blogger, Janiak, observes that if you want to really watch the DNC, go to C-SPAN. She sent me this critique of the corporate-friendly take of the CNN and 24-hour cable news coverage:

I was trying to watch the Demo convention on CNN-

First they featured the invocation, and then broke to interview Mitt Romney on the floor of the convention!!!!! Ick!

So I started flipping back and forth from C-Span- total coverage- to CNN-

CNN kept cutting to themselves analyzing what Hilary would say for the ten thousandth time, while totally ignoring what the actual convention speakers were saying, like Ann Richards daughter, a leader of Planned Parenthood, detailing how many time John McCain had voted against women’s issue, like insurance coverage for birth control.

On CNN an e-harmony (dating service) ad covers for a fiery Dennis Kucinich speech- “wake up America- the corporations are taking over America!!!”

“Not a call to go from right to left, but from Down to Up.” Go Dennis!! OK- to be fair, CNN does now have Kucinich on. Big Big cheers. Wonder what Wolfe Blitzer is going to say about that….

He sure did whip up the crowd, says Wolfe.

Now Gloria Borger is running at the mouth, covering up John Chiang, controller of California

And CNN is giving more air time to disgruntled Hilary supporters, while C-Span runs DNC promotional video, and cuts to Gov. Jim Doyle of Wisc. CNN is still on commentary.

Democracy Now is also doing excellent, truthful coverage.

I've been sign-waving, voting, teaching, meeting on a new music composing project, and helping our son Alex get ready for flying to Humboldt State in the morning to begin a new year of college. He would have gotten there already, but he's setting up on the stage of the Borealis Theater at the Alaska State Fair right now, to play his last gig of the summer with Static Cycle.

Off to Anchorage to join the Diane Benson crew for the election night coverage at the Egan Center. I won't be blogging on that until tomorrow, but I'll bring the iPhone for pictures.

We'll have some GREAT candidates tomorrow!

St. Ted and his attorneys will saddle (that's saddle, not addle) the entire nation in the weeks leading up to the election with tawdry tales of sex between Bill and Bambi (in Ted's Gridwood playhouse?)...

image by Celtic Diva - or, possibly Morrigan

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"Ted and his attorneys will saddle (that's saddle, not addle) the entire nation in the weeks leading up to the election with tawdry tales of sex between Bill and Bambi (in Ted's Gridwood playhouse?)..."

I forgot about Ms. Tyree. You had me thinking of Bullwinkles girlfriend. (Eye bleach needed either way!)