Sunday, February 27, 2011

If You See This Person Armed - Call 911 Immediately. Then Go to Cover

Her name is Clare Goodchild. She threatened to kill Andree McLeod, whose articles have been carried at Progressive Alaska and elsewhere.

Anchorage Court Master Colleen Gray has issued a restraining order against Goodchild for the latter's email, posted more than one place, that stated:

"I find it very offensive that Andre Mclead (sic) is asking the state for every e-mail written or received in ANY account maintained by Palin and her husband," Goodchild said in the e-mail to the Daily News, signing it only as "Clare."

"Where does this b*tch get off thinking the public should shell out for her revenge for the Palin family. I've heard enough from this, and I would like to use stronger words to express my feeling for Andre (sic). Well... I think Andre (sic) has used up to (sic) much oxygen. So I have my scope cross hair on her head! She better watch out, the request may have been her last!"

Although Goodchild claims to own four firearms, she has been allowed to keep them. The restraining order stipulates:

Ray ordered her to stay more than 500 feet from McLeod's home and directed her to not confront, stalk or contact McLeod.

No request for a psychological evaluation. No orders - apparently - for her to seek any kind of help whatsoever. Although I feel sorry for Goodchild, anyone who takes her in-court apology at face value is risking the life and wellbeing of McLeod, who has performed for the citizens of our state some very important public service.


Anonymous said...

Likewise, the protester in Wisconsin holding up a sign with crosshairs on the governor's head should be treated in exactly the same manner.

Wouldn't you agree, Philip? Would you apply this same standard to those on your "side"?


Philip Munger said...


They are in WI, I'm here. Having been stalked and photographed and otherwise hassled by Palinbots, I consider cases like Goodchild to be of far more interest, especially when directed against my close friend, Andree.

Anyone who paints crosshairs on someone's head or legislative district on a sign or fundraising page is of less concern than is somebody who writes "I have my scope and crosshair on her head!" That is why the police questioned her and the magistrate issued a restraining order.

Anonymous said...

She is a gun luvin', bible thumpin' child. I bet she also thinks of herself as a patriot and a hero, also, too. She is just another typical Sarah Palin sycophant who will always be riding the short bus.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I agree, nothing like this should be taken lightly. And why oh why did it take the police SO long to take action? First they don't take it seriously, then they take almost a month to speak with her and now yet another month later it hits the news.

Is APD protecting the Palin image over citizen McLeod's life?

Also too, on Clares my space she lists occupation is HR Manager.

Well whoa, nothing she wrote sounds like something you'd expect an HR Manager to say, much less think and it sure didn't sound very Christian either.

So has she married in the past 2 yrs or is she lying about a husband.

Anonymous said...

What a classy lady Clare Goodchild is, a great example of Christ-like womanhood. (Her name mocks her!)

What a ding-a-ling. She needs to stay home and submit to her husband.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know where this 'lady' works? I'd like to stay far away if possible.

Anonymous said...

What a ding-a-ling. She needs to stay home and submit to her husband.

But But.. her myspace says

"Clare's Details
Status: Single
Here for: Networking,Serious

If this is really her myspace, maybe she lied to myspace and not the court.

With only four guns and lots of experience hunting, not to mention alcohol related online outbursts of hatred directed toward a specific person; the judge must have felt nothing could go wrong.

Go to church lady and- but maybe that's were this hatred is coming from. Her local 'Christian-other' church.

Anonymous said...

More nuggets from her Myspace:

Education: Grad / professional school Occupation: HR Manager

Portland State University
Graduated: 1996
Student status: Alumni
Degree: Professional
Major: Purchasing
Minor: Business
Clubs: CPM

Some interesting stuff from her daughters photobucket account, which appears to be linked to Ms. Goodhild's Myspace page:

The following is captioned, "Racial profiling: It starts early"

The Teatards, they are among us....

Anonymous said...

Well Arctic Patriot, when you prove that the person carrying that sign was not some GOP plant (as was claimed every time a vicious sign appeared against Obama) the police will look into it. Funny how the right can get away with threats, actual violence, and plain old hatred, and STILL claim to be the victims. You are allowing rights to be stripped, yet you claim to be Constitutionalists. You rail about gun rights, yet perceive no responsibility when people die. You claim to be for the working middle class, yet sit by while their livelihoods are threatened, because Rush calls them criminals, not teachers and firefighters. It is a shame that the right has been led down this path, willingly, under the guise of what? Smaller government? Fewer taxes? Guess what? Smaller government means fewer services, fewer teachers, fewer police. Fewer taxes mean the same, as government must have revenue to do things. Taxes are not evil. Government is not the enemy. Some of these guys that were elected ARE evil, and need to go away. We'll take care of that at the ballot box in 2012. You betcha.

Andrea said...

With some cross-referencing to her kids' names found on myspace, it turns out her Facebook ID is "Clare Purcella" and her maiden name is O'Neill.

No Jesus worship showing on FB! So what's her legal name, if she's going as "Goodchild" with the order of protection?

Anonymous said...

Please let us know where she works. I am so disgusted and whomever employs her must be held accountable for such a poor choice for an HR person. It just makes me sick to my stomach. It is scary as a business owner to think such people may work for me.

Andrea said...

Her husband Danny Purcella works for the Anchorage School District... in what capacity I have no idea.

Nice, eh?

Anonymous said...

Ummm, listen sweetie: 1986 called. It wants its hair back.

Anonymous said...

A HR Manager who lists under Interests-Books

"Christian and modivacation books, the Bible ".

To explore the myspace right under her picture click view my , then click or at the Pics page.

This comment may help answer who she is. I don't know if that guy mentioned- Danny Purcella is a husband, or more probably a son in law?

" Andrea Purcella(posted) So what kind of trouble do you think Dad and Jimmy are getting into over there? I told Dad that they should have brought down some cake mix boxes to get into Parrissa's (not sure how to spell her name obviously =)) good graces!

1 year ago"

I wouldn't normally post something like this this- but making violent threats and admitting this in a court to your intended victim = you are out. All your dirty laundry too. So are the unfortunates you associate with. Especially if there is any doubt as to your identity- or possible online aliases.

Anonymous said...

Messed that up.

On the profile page

Right under her picture where it says: Mood: Blessed
and View my: Pics

click on (Pics)

Then at the next page click on either friends or comments to view the same. That's where the one comment quoted is found.

Celia Harrison said...

The judges in Alaska know nothing about mental health. With great certainty having had the experiences I have had with the mental health system in this state I can say, the majority of the mental health care providers also know littel about mental health care. This is one of the reasons the judges know nothing about it. In Alaska mental health is generally disregarded in the court room due to the general attitude that mental illness is no excuse for bad behavior. There should be a team of mental health professional who evaluate people who make these kinds of threats in an inpatient setting over a period of time. We have laws on the books that cover this. They just don't have the common sense to do it.

Anonymous said...

This palinbot states:

"I am a conservative, grew up in a spiritual home, going to church several times a week,"

Well based upon her actions and subsequent statements to the court- she seems to either not understand that these are real threats, or maybe she actually does understand and just denies any responsibility by lying.

If actually "going to church several times a week" as claimed; she must either not be paying proper attention to the message, or she is attending the wrong church.

I suspect that she does attend the wrong church and that part of the blame apportions to those who are responsible for the messages of hatred spread within those tax exempt walls.

Artic Patriot did you miss a chance to accuse this woman of being a leftist plant? One of those liberal plots to make conservative gun owners look bad? Maybe you know her and so that's why you didn't make that accusation. That was the frequent wingnut lie of explanation explanation for the Arizona shooting.

Anonymous said...

People like this hurt true christians To be a Christian you have to act like one and talk like one. a true christian does not spew hate every time they open their mouths

Anonymous said...

A pretty white Christian lady with a sharp tongue, elbows and an infamous threat of violence against an ideological foe on her record. . .when is she running for Mayor?

Anonymous said...

The question now should be, has Goodchild the depth of character to realize this should be a life lesson? If it only makes her dig her heels deeper and hate the H8er's, then we know what kind of person she is.

Andree McLeod has used a public tool to press accountability of our elected officials, Goodchild used good old fashioned threat and intimidation - yet she remains righteous in her conviction that Andree is an enemy of the 'people.'

Sarah Palin said, "I grew tremendously that year," when surviving a recall as Mayor, the year The Frontiersman said she mistook her inauguration for a coronation. Have we seen any evidence that Sarah's learned any lessons in her public life?

Anonymous said...

A psych professor has done a lot of study on the personalities of people like this crazy woman.

His latest book on the subject is excellent and well worth the cost.
It is a free download. Highly recommended by this reader.

Anonymous said...

Praise The Lord; and Pass The Ammo.

Anonymous said...

The book 7:39 recommends is
Bob Altemeyer's - The Authoritarians.

I second the recommendation.

The pdf download is free at the author's site. He INTENDS for it to be free.

The author states:

This book was written in 2006, halfway through George W. Bush’s second term as president. A great deal was wrong with America then, and I thought the research on authoritarian personalities could explain a lot of it. Since then a new administration has been elected, and although it has had to deal with a very serious economic crisis brought on by others, it is taking steps to correct some of what is wrong.

However, the forces that largely caused the problems have remained on the scene, and are more active today than ever before. As I try to show in the “Comment on the Tea Party Movement” (link to the left), the research findings in this book apply at least as strongly to America today as they did four years ago. Indeed, the events of 2009 and 2010 have confirmed conclusion after conclusion in The Authoritarians. I wrote in 2006 that the authoritarians in America were not going to go away if they lost the 2008 election, that they would be infuriated if a new president tried to carry out his mandate. That has certainly been the case.

Anonymous said...

Clare isn't a rill Christian.

Anonymous said...

Phil, You should do a write-up on Erin Pohland and Skye Rubadeau McRoberts, you know, show their faces too, only to remind those who might have had the two in their homes, that they might want to do an inventory of valuables.

I'm hearing that one of them is going to flip and blab all that she knows to the prosecutors.

Poor Legal Eagle, it sure seems that Devon and Moore are keeping their distance from her.

Who would have ever thunk that Legal Eagle was a serial shoe thief ?