Sunday, February 27, 2011

Firedoglake Covering Wisconsin Capitol Building Confrontation Live

The blog firedoglake, where I sometimes write, is covering the upcoming attempt to remove demonstrators from inside the Wisconsin State Capitol Building in Madison. The police have stated that they will begin their action at 3:00 p.m. Alaska time.

Here's a link
to their coverage.


Dan Heynen said...

As a student at Calvin College i was taught that the potential number of angels dancing on a pinhead was zero - dancing is a sin, therefore, angels do not dance...

Anonymous said...

One reason leftist protests are more effective than "Tea Party" types is the tactics they are willing to use in their protests.

Tea Party types show up, yell, and go home.

Leftist protesters disobey, practice civil disobedience, and are willing to sacrifice and be arrested to make their statements.

Although I despise leftist and collectivist ideology, I admire the tactics and willingness to sacrifice that the left often displays.

And that, Philip, is precisely why this nation is sliding further and further to the left. The left is winning.

What would your reaction be, Philip, if this were a protest from the "right", protesting against public employee unions?

How would you view these "sit in" tactics then?


Keith_N said...

Another reason their protests are more effective is that the messages on their protest signs are spelled correctly!